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Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2019

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

The Annual Membership Meeting was held in the Veterans Memorial Senior Center Sunset Room at 7:00 PM. The current Board members were present including Steve Bowerman, Rick Bowlby, Pete Lewis, Dennis Logie, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato and Hiro Tarumi. Ten additional Club members were present. They were: Pete and Deb Kutch, Brenda Guzman, Keith Orchard, Gail Walker, Sharon Cassidy, Ron Okada, John Hampel, Sergio Ramirez, and Gordon Bell.

All attendees were verified to be current paid members.

Dennis welcomed everyone and Pat reviewed the minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting. The minutes were approved.

Dennis, as Club President, gave a State of the Club report that showed the Club having another good year. Dennis mentioned the loss of several members a few of which happened before last year but we had not heard about them until recently. Club membership number is still around 300 even though we lost a sponsored team, the Royals, which had several Club members on their roster. Financially the Club is sound. The two main events, the tournament and Holiday party broke even. The San Jose Giants outing, Oldest Player picnic, ‘last game of the year’ pot luck, and 1-Pitch event, all went well. The Club sponsored 4 teams this year, each of which received a generous stipend from the Club. Our Annual Tournament on July 7-8 was a success with 18 happy teams participating. The Night Play and Day Play Leagues are going well. The 1 Pitch drew a record number of players. The Señors Games had a similar number of participants and the most women participants ever. Dennis made a special mention of the work that Bob Cushman does for the Club especially the DVD Face Recognition project. Bob does this at no cost to the Club and whatever he collects, he donates to the Club. Bob has not been able to play recently due to an illness. Day Play has changed fields from Griffin to Bechet due to the Magical Bridge Playground construction near Griffin. The NCSSA Hall of Fame has several members from the Club. Two additional Club members have been recently elected: Bill Picht and Dennis Logie. The Club is sponsoring a blood drive where members can donate at a blood bank and mention the Club. Jeff Barile is coordinating this effort. Jeff, as the Club’s medical aide, carries a stash of medical supplies to use for on-field needs. The Club makes sure that Jeff has what he needs. The Club ordered new shirts in 2018 thanks to the coordination efforts of Pete Lewis. Dennis gave a special thanks to the many volunteers that make it possible for the Club to operate. Dennis also mentioned how Redwood City and San Carlos have been so good to us with the use of their fields. Dennis summed up by saying he is looking forward to 2019.

Angelo, as Club Treasurer, reviewed the 2018 Annual Financial Report. He reported that 2018 was a good year with everything in order including taxes and insurance. Our insurance rates went down significantly in 2018. The Club sponsored one less team, the Night Play umpire was not used, and other steps were taken to reduce costs. Events like the Holiday Party, 1-Pitch, San Jose Giants, and the Annual Tournament all broke even or came close to breaking even. The 2018 Annual Financial Report was approved.

Pat thanked everyone for attending and established that there was a quorum (15) to allow the election of the 2019 Board of Directors to proceed. The attendees were then handed an election ballot for the 2019 Board. Brenda Guzman collected the filled out ballots, reviewed the results, and verified that the nine candidates on the ballot were all elected. The 2019 Board of Directors will be Steve Bowerman, Rick Bowlby, Pete Lewis, Dennis Logie, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato, and Hiro Tarumi,

Dennis then opened the floor to all attendees for comments. Deb Kutch suggested that in addition to the Most Improved Player of the Year award the Club have an award for a standout volunteer. The Board will address Deb’s suggestion at a future meeting. Sharon Cassidy mentioned that she barely knows some of the Board members and could they all introduce themselves. Each Board member introduced himself and gave a short history of their Club involvement. Sergio Ramirez said that Rich, the Hawes Field maintenance man, told him he needs a new drag screen. The cost is estimated around $450. The Board will take a look at the screen at Hawes and discuss it at a future meeting. Sergio also said that the pitching screen for Night Play needs replacement or repair. The Board will look into purchasing new screens for Night and Day Play. John Hampel asked why the Señors Games limits participation to 4 events. Dennis explained that it is to ensure that strong players cannot dominate too many events. Sergio asked about the Home Run competition that followed the 1 Pitch in 2017. It was explained that it was not continued because it took too much time. Pete Kutch heard that Hawes Field was closing along with the school. Dennis only heard about the school and not the field but will check into it.

Dennis then thanked everyone for attending and closed the session.

Time 8:35 PM.

Submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary