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September 2018

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

Minutes for September 6, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting

The September 2018 meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by President, Dennis Logie after 10 minutes of financial dealings with the Treasurer.

Board members present were Dennis, Steve Bowerman, Rick Bowlby, Pete Lewis, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Angelo Rizzato, and Hiro Tarumi. Absent: Dave Reck.


1. The August 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes were approved as written. Minutes are sent to all Directors, posted to the Club website, and sent to Donna O’Farrell for historical recording.

2. The August 2018 Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted by Treasurer, Angelo Rizzato. The report showed a quiet month with only 2 significant checks being written and an almost same amount of income.

3. Holiday Party update – Pete Kutch, the party coordinator, sent Dennis an email with a party update. Pete now has a contract with the San Carlos Adult Community Center for the December 8 party. The next committee meeting is Monday September 10 when the party flyer/invitation will be reviewed.

4. One Pitch Tournament review – All agreed that the 1 Pitch was a huge success. There were a record number of participants and attendees. Pete Lewis handed out a tournament review that contained feedback from several team managers and others. The suggestions therein will be considered for next year’s tournament. Pete also handed out mock schedules of games to account for a possible increase in the number of players next year that could require us to have more than 8 teams. There were several raffle items of winners that were not present at the 1 Pitch. Dennis and Pat will make sure the winners are informed. Angelo reported that he had to use one of the BBQs in the Bechet shack since he was only able to borrow one operable BBQ.

5. Replenish our ‘paramedic’ – Dennis talked to Jeff Barile about stocking each field with the proper medical supplies. Jeff has been using his own supplies. Jeff ambitiously restocked each field with first aid kits made up of what Jeff felt they needed to handle minor injuries.

6. Monday Nights at Hawes, Night League – Pete talked to Kevin Dowling about an umpire. Kevin says it will be difficult to get a certified umpire for just 1 game a week. The Board feels that it is important that the Night League gets an umpire to provide a more professional look. Pete will ask Kevin what it would take to get an umpire. The fall season began August 27 and will resume September 10.

7. Señors Games – Dennis announced that the 2018 Señors Games will be held October 4-5. An announcement will soon go out to the membership.

8. Day Play Incidents – The Board recommends that when any Board member personally observes any violation of the Club’s Code of Conduct, he and another Board member should confront the violator as soon as possible. Dennis will send out a reminder to the membership that the Code of Conduct needs to be observed by everyone.

9. Round Table – Angelo reports that the shack at Bechet is in need of cleaning out. We need to inventory the contents and have RWC tell us what can be tossed.

The meeting adjourned at 8:44 PM.

The next monthly Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4. 2018.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary