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Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2018

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

The Annual Meeting was held in the Veterans Memorial Senior Center Sunset Room at 7:00 PM. Eight current Board members were present including Steve Bowerman, Rick Bowlby, Pete Lewis, Dennis Logie, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, and Angelo Rizzato. Hiro Tarumi was absent. Seven additional Club members were present. All attendees were verified to be current paid members.

Dennis welcomed everyone and Pat reviewed the minutes from the 2017 Annual Meeting. The minutes were approved.

Dennis, as Club President, gave a State of the Club report during which he mentioned the loss of 5 Club members during 2017. Dennis said that losses of members are keenly felt since we are a social Club that does a lot more together than play softball. Our membership number is up this year largely due to new younger players. The Club sponsored 5 teams this year, each of which received a generous stipend from the Club. Several Saturday games and some Day and Night Play games were canceled last year due to the heavy rains. The rains also caused rescheduling of the Spring Picnic, which occurred later with a celebration of Dick St Denny’s 93rd birthday. Our June Tournament was a success but the number of teams participating was low due to competition with the SSUSA CAN-Sirs Tournament. The Gold Rush 80+ tournament team, a Club sponsored team, qualified for the Softball Players Association (SPA) Triple Crown Championship. The SPA Triple Crown consists of play in 3 legs of competition leading to the ultimate goal of the SPA Triple Crown Champion. The 2017 Holiday Party was a huge success especially with attendance and the receipts from the raffle and auctions. The 1 Pitch Tournament on Labor Day drew about 250 attendees. The Club Website continues to attract 8-10 people a year inquiring about the Club. Night Play continues with little problem. Saturday Play is hosting 7 teams. The 2017 Señor Games were again successful with 3 new world records being set. Bob Cushman’s face recognition video has collected a significant amount of donations to the Club. The Club sold Club shirts for the 1st time. Jeff Barile, Club member and retired firefighter, coordinated defibrillator and CPR training for Day Play members. This training along with the use of City fields and other freebies shows how well the City treats our Club. Dennis made a special mention of how volunteers are the key to the Club’s success and as an example, he has never had to solicit volunteers for the Señor Games, they just show up ready to help. Dennis summed up by saying he is looking forward to 2018.

Angelo, as Club Treasurer, reviewed the 2017 Annual Financial Report. He reported that 2017 was a good year with income from annual dues, San Jose outing, annual Club tournament, and Holiday Party. Major expenses were insurance, the San Jose outing, Club tournament, sponsored teams, 1 pitch tournament, and the Holiday Party. Because of the lucrative raffle and auctions at the Holiday Party, the Club reserves increased significantly from last year. The 2017 Annual Financial Report was approved.

Pat thanked everyone for attending and established that there was a quorum to allow the election of the 2018 Board of Directors to proceed. The attendees were then handed an election ballot for the 2018 Board. Debra Coyne collected the filled out ballots, reviewed the results, and verified that the nine candidates on the ballot were all elected. The 2018 Board of Directors will be Steve Bowerman, Rick Bowlby, Pete Lewis, Dennis Logie, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato, and Hiro Tarumi.

Dennis then opened the floor to all attendees for comments. These items will be further discussed at the Board meeting to follow. Sharon Cassidy asked if the Club could buy new softballs for the woman players to use during games. They are currently using the same balls that are used for batting practice. Barry Lewis wanted to know if the Bob Cushman video project is on the Club Website. Barry also inquired if we became a 501 (c) (3), we could possibly avoid our high insurance premium. The Board has looked into this before and concluded that we might not qualify and the process to qualify is very difficult. Barry will look further into it and report back to the Board at the February meeting. Gordon Bell is in favor of Day Play rules being consistent with traditional softball rules. This led to a discussion of the relay rule being waived as an experiment for 1 month. The 75+ double play rule and the new extra plate that scoring runners have to touch were also mentioned. Gordon was also concerned with the 1 pitch tournament allowing highly skilled players to play on the lower skilled teams. Brenda Guzman would like Day Play batting practice (BP) to end at 10:00 sharp. Pete said that Night Play stops BP when the managers have finished selecting the teams and are ready to announce. All agreed that the BP pitchers are the key to keeping BP moving and limiting batters to the number of pitches they receive.

Dennis then thanked everyone for attending and excused the non Board members although they were invited to stay for the Board meeting if they wanted to.

Time 8:10 PM.

Submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary