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July 2017

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

Minutes for July 6, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

The July 2017 meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM by Dennis Logie, President. Board members present were Dennis, Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato, Hiro Tarumi, and Rob Weiss. Guests: Jerry Marsh and Pete Kutch.


1. The June 2017 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as written. Minutes are sent to all Directors, posted to the Club website, and sent to Donna O’Farrell for historical recording.

2. The June 2017 Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted by Treasurer, Angelo Rizzato. The report showed payment for Tournament shirts. This was corrected to be Club shirts.

3. June Tournament – Jerry Marsh, Club Tournament Director, provided a lengthy report on the tournament that took place on June 24-25. The tournament overall received positive comments from the participating teams. The report detailed expenses and income and at the end, the Club finished in the black by approximately $100. The number of teams was low (13) and the Club will look into increasing participation next year. Other tournaments on the same weekend are a large part of the problem.

4. Holiday Party – Pete Kutch, the Holiday Party Coordinator, reported that the San Carlos venue that was used last year is increasing their rental price. There is a reduced rate for San Carlos residents. Pete will ask one of the Club’s San Carlos residents to sign up for the Club to get the reduced rate which is similar to what we paid last year. Pete plans the party to be on December 2, which is the 1st Saturday of December, the same date the Club held it for years. Pete will soon be soliciting for raffle and auction items and intends to reduce the number of items in order to keep the party moving. The party committee will meet in late July.

5. Club Shirts – Pete reports that a special order for 22 polos, sweatshirts, and crews was received. The initial order of 57 shirts is almost sold out. The Board has decided to wait until next year to order more shirts.

6. San Jose Giants – Angelo reports that 52 members and guests have signed up so far to attend the July 20 game against the Rancho Cucamonga Dodgers. For $20 the Club sits in a reserved section and gets dinner, beverage, and $2 beer. Sign up lists are available at the Day and Night fields.

7. One Pitch Tournament– Pete sent out a flyer for review and received Board input. The revised flyer looks good. The 1 Pitch Tournament this year will be on Labor Day, Monday September 4. Pete will coordinate the distribution of the flyer and raffle tickets to be sent out late July to all Club members. Dennis has coordinated with RWC to secure the fields for the day.

8. Team Sponsorship – Pat reports that all 5 teams under consideration for 2017 sponsorship have met the requirements and are eligible to receive the stipend of $600. They are: Gold Rush 80s, Chiefs 80s, State Roofing Systems 75s, Blues 65s, and Turn 2 50s. Angelo will issue checks to the team managers.

9. BBQ status – The Board decided it would be best to have our own BBQ for events at the Red Morton fields to compliment the one we already have. Angelo will wait until the Labor Day sales are underway to purchase one. Storage of the new BBQ will need to be addressed.

10. Round Table – Pete reports that Night Play at San Carlos is winding down and plans are being made to start the Fall season at Hawes Park on Monday September 11. Dennis conveyed a request from Bob Cushman to ask this year’s tournament volunteers and participants if they want a copy of a video that Bob made. Bob took the pictures that Carole De Gery took and combined them with music. Bob can provide a url and/or a thumbdrive and only asks for a donation to cover his costs. The Board liked the idea and Bob will soon send out a message to the volunteers and participants. Dennis read a letter from the Mike Vigo family thanking the Club for its support to Mike over the years and during his memorial.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM. The next monthly Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday August 3, 2017.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary