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February 2017

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

Minutes for February 9, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

The February 2017 meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Dennis Logie, President. Board members present were Dennis, Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Hiro Tarumi and Rob Weiss. Members absent: Angelo Rizzato. Guest: Jerry Marsh.


1. The 2017 Annual Membership Meeting minutes were approved as written. The January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as written. Minutes are sent to all Directors, posted to the Club website, and sent to Donna O’Farrell for historical recording.

2. The January 2016 Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted by Treasurer, Angelo Rizzato. The report reflected a large influx of membership dues.

3. June Tournament – Jerry Marsh, Tournament Director, provided a status of the Club tournament that is scheduled for June 22-25. Many volunteers will be needed and sponsored teams will be expected to provide 3 members each. Each volunteer will need to work 2-4 hours a day. Jerry needs to get the insurance, scorekeepers, bracket boards, 1st place bag awards, balls, water, coolers, and ice. The VMSC will be asked to staff the concession stand. The tournament flyer will be out for review soon and will be distributed next week. After reviewing a list of NCSSA tournament fees provided by Dave Reck, the Club decided to set the entry fees at $305 for signups by May 15 and $320 for signups by the June 9 deadline.

4. Holiday Party report – Last month, Pete Kutch submitted a written report of the party highlights. The report and feedback from attendees expressed a satisfaction with the party. There were some minor issues but overall the venue, food, entertainment, and other parts of the program made for a fun evening for everyone.

5. Club Shirts – Last month, Mark Kaufmann explained the various options the Club has if they want to offer Club shirts to the membership. Pete Lewis did some extensive research and narrowed the choices down to a $22 wicking, V-neck with a multi-color trim. Women will be offered a similar shirt in women’s sizes. After a final review, Pete will put in an initial order of 48 shirts plus enough for the women players who express an interest.

6. Open Forum suggestions – A suggestion was made at the January Annual Meeting to have name tags for all playing members to include emergency contact information. A related suggestion was made to have an In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact list. Pat will get together with Brenda Guzman to discuss these suggestions. Hiro will review the Day Play rules for areas of change or clarification and get together with Ron Sorg and Bill Beshore to discuss his review.

7. Griffin Right Field Fence – Steve met with a fence contractor to price what it would cost to raise the right field fence at Griffin Field. To add 10 feet of fence to the top of the existing fence, will cost approximately $11,000. The Board decided to look into other ways to make the picnic area behind the right field fence safer.

8. Team Pages on Website - Pete is installing team photos with names of the 2017 sponsored teams.

9. Night League – Mondays at Hawes concludes February 20. Because of the rain, games have been severely limited. Tuesdays at San Carlos Highlands Park begins March 21. The Night League commissioners plus a few other players will get together to decide what format they want to have for the upcoming season. An announcement for Night League signups will be sent soon after.

10. Saturday League – Rain still hampers the Saturday games with only three Saturdays being played so far. Play ends on February 25.

11. Day Play rules – See Open Forum suggestions.

12. Posting of the Minutes – Pat mentioned that members want to read the minutes soon after the meeting. Pete will make sure they are posted within a week after the meeting.

13. 70 Strong – The Club was invited to have a greeting table at the 70 Strong kickoff meeting at the RWC Box building. Pat staffed the table and provided Club information to several interested people. 70 Strong is a group that puts seniors in touch with organizations that provide senior services.

14. Change of Bank – Postponed

15. Señors Logo locations – Postponed

16. San Carlos Thank You gift – Postponed

17. Round Table – Skipped

Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 PM. The next monthly Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 2, 2017.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary