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September 2016

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

Minutes for September 1, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

The September 2016 meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM by Dennis Logie, President. Other Board members present: Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato, Hiro Tarumi, and Rob Weiss.


1. The August 2016 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as written. Minutes are sent to all Directors, posted to the Club website, and sent to Donna O’Farrell for historical recording.

2. The August 2016 Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted by Treasurer, Angelo Rizzato.

3. Update on 1 Pitch Tournament – Angelo reports approximately 250 people have indicated they will attend the 1 Pitch event with about 104 of them as players. He will soon be purchasing all the food and related items including hot dogs, buns, condiments, napkins, soda, water, chips, etc. Dennis Esaki and Ron Okada and their respective spouses will manage the raffle during the event. The prizes are a combination of gift certificates and sports related items. The schedule of the games and rosters of each team are posted on the Club website and given to each manager to contact their team.

4. Night Play Update – Pete reports that Monday nights at Hawes will officially start September 12.

5. Señors Games – Dennis is again coordinating this fun and exciting Club event. He has posted the sign up forms during Day Play and will post them during the 1 Pitch at Bechet Field. The event is scheduled for September 22-23.

6. 2017 Board Members – The request for open nominations for the 2017 Board of Directors will be sent to all Club members in October. Voting for the 2017 Board will take place at the Annual Meeting in January 2017.

7. Holiday Party Status – Pete Kutch, the Holiday Party coordinator, is having a committee meeting on Friday morning. The insurance for the event is in work.

8. Second Tournament for Redwood City – The Club is considering a tournament in addition to the June tournament. Possible dates are March 2017 or September 2017. Dennis will check with the City to see about field availability.

9. Member upset report – A member got upset at a Day Play game and his language and conduct were in violation of the Club’s Code of Conduct. The Board is taking steps to prevent any recurrence.

10. Thank You Gift for San Carlos – postponed.

11. Round Table – Updates were given on John Pinkerton’s medical status and Lynn Anglin’s upcoming surgery. The Hitting Clinics with Terry Whitfield could possibly return next spring.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Next monthly Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 6, 2016.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary