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May 2016

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

Minutes for May 5, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting called to order by President Dennis Logie at 7:00 PM at Senior Center.

Attendees included Dennis Logie, Steve Bowerman, Angelo Rizzato, Pete Lewis, Dave Reck, and Hiro Tarumi. Absent were Pat Michael , Rob Weiss, and Bill Picht.

Guests: Jerry Marsh


1. Minutes from April 7, 2016 board meeting were reviewed and approved.

2. Treasurer’s report for April 2016 was reviewed and approved.

3. Holiday Party plans were reported via e-mail by Pete Kutch. He and Debbie have researched venue and dates. They are leaning toward the VMSC because of pricing , convenience, and history and a date of Dec. 10. They will report final conclusion at next board meeting.

4. Redwood City Tournament Director is Jerry Marsh who reported that plans are coming together. Balls, Fields, Insurance Application, Umpires, Roster Forms, Line Up Cards are in place. Brenda will operate Concession Booth and provide master scoreboard. Yet to be completed are Awards and Volunteers.

5. Parking lot damage and insurance issues were reported by Angelo. Our Softball Club has no liability for damage in city parking lots provided signs Park at your Own Risk are posted. Pete will check if such signs are needed at Highland’s Park. Our Club is covered by insurance for damage to moving cars on streets. Our Club members are also covered by liability insurance when playing in club events or sponsored tournament teams.

6. San Jose Giants game plan was reported by Angelo. The date is Thursday, June 16 against the Dodgers minor league affiliate. Cost to club members will be $20. Angelo will provide info to Donna to disburse to all members.

7. Scoreboard logo improvement proposal was presented by Angelo. Idea is to provide larger visible logo. Sergio will prepare mock up for Dennis to review with city before any final action.

8. Night Play update was provided by Pete. Attendance has included both 3 and 4 team turnouts which can be accommodated but is expected to settle at 4.

9. Possible San Carlos gift was postponed. Dennis will investigate further.

10. Roundtable Angelo will verify our Snack Shake availability for June tournament. Steve reported the city Welcome Sign Placards to be installed soon. Dennis read Thank You letter from Everest Public High School for our donations of equipment, gloves etc, to their new baseball program.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM NEXT MEETING IS JUNE 9, 2016

Note: Several board members will be in Reno first week in June

Minutes by Dave Reck for Pat Michael