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Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2016

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

The Annual Meeting was held in the Veterans Memorial Senior Center Sunset Room at 7:10 PM. All nine current Board members were present including Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Dennis Logie, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato, Hiro Tarumi, and Rob Weiss. Seven additional Club members were present. All attendees were verified to be current paid members.

Dennis welcomed everyone and Pat reviewed last year’s meeting minutes. The minutes were approved.

Dennis, as Club President, gave a State of the Club report during which he mentioned the loss of four Club members last year. The Club celebrated the 91st birthday of its oldest active player, Dick St Denny, sponsored the annual outing to a San Jose Giants Game where a record 106 members and guests attended, had a successful Holiday Party, the Club website continues to improve and is getting a lot of hits, the Day, Saturday, and Night Leagues are all doing good, sponsored 5 tournament teams, had a TV crew visit Day Play which resulted in a national commercial titled ‘You’re Never Too Old’, provided new Club hats of the original blue plus black and grey, donated backstop pads to Redwood City and in return the City provided us a BBQ, had to vacate Red Morton Park for resurfacing and relocated to San Carlos Highlands Park, canceled the June tournament, moved the July 4th 1-pitch to Labor Day and added a long ball contest, had several unexpected expenses during the year (see Treasurer Report below), looked into running the Hayward tournament but decided not to, and have arranged with the City to place our logo on placards at City entrances. The Club raised the annual dues to $55 this year to help offset future expenses.

Angelo, as Club Treasurer, reviewed the Annual Financial Report during which he mentioned that while revenue is picking up because of the 2016 dues payments coming in, last year was a costly year. The major hit was not having our annual Tournament due to the loss of Red Morton Park, the San Jose Giants outing had an all time number of attendees at 106 but with the Club subsidizing the price of tickets it was costly, a new refrigerator was purchased after the old one died, 5 tournament teams were given stipends last year to offset their expenses, the Club provided food and raffle items for the 1 pitch tournament, and the annual Holiday party was well attended but had to be subsidized. A few ideas were mentioned to help raise revenue for the Club, i.e. raise the San Jose Giants price of tickets and raise the entrance fees for this year’s tournament.

Pat then established that there was a quorum to allow the election to proceed. The attendees were then handed an election ballot for the 2016 Board of Directors. Debbie Coyne collected the filled out ballots and verified that the nine candidates on the ballot were all elected. The 2016 Board of Directors will be Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Dennis Logie, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato, Hiro Tarumi, and Rob Weiss.

Dennis then opened the floor to all attendees for any comments. Bob Cushman made a presentation of several different types of bat configurations that could be made with a Little League bat kit he is offering for $10. All money collected goes to the Club. Debbie asked for clarification on whether a Day Play rover is allowed on the infield or brown part of the field. According to Day Play rules, there is no restriction to where a rover can play but it can be a problem if a team has 2-3 rovers and they are all on the infield. The Board will discuss it at the Board meeting to follow. Barry Lewis asked how many teams does the Club plan on sponsoring for 2016. The current plan is 4-5 teams: Blues, Royals 70 and/or 75, Chiefs, and Cardinals. Kevin Coyne wanted to know the rule at Highlands that limits a batter to a ground rule double if the hit ball reaches the walkway in the outfield. If a fielder touches the ball first is it still a ground rule double? After a short discussion, it was decided it is a ground rule double even if a fielder touches it first unless the fielder intentionally hits it to the walkway. Steve raised a concern that his Saturday team is not getting enough players. Although he has 21 on the roster, only 7 showed up last Saturday. Hopefully this was an anomaly due to the weather and holidays. Pete mentioned there are pictures on the website that show the progress of the Red Moron Park construction as the fields are being stripped and resurfaced.

Dennis then thanked everyone for attending and excused the non Board members although they were invited to stay for the Board meeting if they wanted to. Time 8:25.

Submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary