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October 2015

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

Minutes for October 8, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

The October 2015 meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Dennis Logie, President. Other Board members present: Steve Bowerman, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato, Hiro Tarumi and Rob Weiss. Absent: Pete Lewis


1. The September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as written. Minutes are sent to all Directors, posted to the official Club website, and sent to Donna O’Farrell for historical recording.

2. The September 2015 Treasurer’s Report was approved as submitted by Treasurer, Angelo Rizzato. The report reflected the expenses and income from the 1 Pitch Labor Day Tournament, a transfer of $500 from the Money Market account, and a fund balance 40% lower than last year.

3. Summer Night League – The season ended on Aug 18.

4. Fall Night League - The new Fall/Winter season began on Sept 14 at Hawes Park. For the 4 Mondays so far, attendance has averaged 26 players allowing the league to have a 3 team format with one game at 7 PM. If more players join the Night League, it can go to a 4 team format with games at 7 and 8:15 PM.

5. Fall Saturday League – Hiro and Bruce Barnes have agreed to be co-directors for the Saturday League scheduled to begin on November 14. Dennis will contact Eric Newby to make sure Hawes Park is available through February 13 or 20. The plan is to have 2 divisions divided by age and skill, with 3 teams in the younger division and 4 in the older division.

6. Labor Day One-Pitch – In spite of some problems with the BBQ and activities running too late in the day, the tournament was an overall success. Club volunteers improvised to get the BBQ operating and worked hard to make sure the hamburgers and hot dogs were prepared in time for the players and guests as the games completed. The Club will look into remedies on how to make the games shorter and will consider keeping the tournament on Labor Day next year. Congratulations to Chet Lane and the volunteers who made every effort to make this event the best 1 Pitch ever.

7. Logo Ad at RWC entrances - Steve is in contact with a council group that oversees the City roadside monuments, called the Inter Service Club. Steve was informed that they will convert our logo to a 14 inch medallion to be attached on City entrances at 2 locations. Cost to the Club: $10 a year!

8. Hats – The Club has sold all the hats they ordered. Angelo will order a fresh supply of 10 black, 10 grey, and 5 blue. Cost to members will be the Club cost, i.e. $16 each.

9. Snack Shack – The new refrigerator is in at a cost of $925 plus $95 for the service call. The RWC 49ers have partnered with us on the refrigerator and gave us $500 for their share.

10. 2016 RWC Tournament – Bill will notify NCSSA that June 23-26 are the dates of our 2016 tournament. SSUSA is interested in the same dates for their Western Regional Tournament.

11. Hayward Tournaments – Carl Woodruff has provided Dennis the financials for the March and May tournaments earlier this year. He has invited the Club to take over these tournaments. There are several questions the Club needs answers for before committing. Bill will call the NCSSA president to get the discussion started.

12. Day Play Fields – The City is on schedule to returf the Red Morton fields beginning November 1. Dennis talked to Eric Newby, RWC Recreation Manager, and Eric has offered Marlin Park in Redwood Shores for Day Play games. A better option will be the Highlands Fields in San Carlos with whom we have a long standing relationship. Dennis expects an answer from the San Carlos Field Director within a few days.

13. Holiday Party – Pat reports the party schedule is moving along with a party date of December 5. Invitations will be delivered starting next week. There is still a need for auction items.

14. Round Table – There was a discussion on the decreasing fund balance of the Club and steps the Club can take to ensure its solvency.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Next Board meeting will be Thursday, November 5, 2015.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary