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Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2015

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

The Annual Meeting was held in the Veterans Memorial Senior Center Theater at 7:00 PM. Seven of the current Board members were present including Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Dennis Logie, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, and Angelo Rizzato. Absent was Hiro Tarumi and Lee Thompson who resigned for 2015. Ten (10) additional Club members were present. All attendees were checked in by Debbie Coyne to verify they were current paid members.

Pat, as Club Secretary, welcomed everyone, confirmed there was a quorum, went over the agenda for the meeting, and reviewed the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes.

Dennis, as Club President, gave a State of the Club report during which he mentioned the loss of five members and one spouse last year. The Club celebrated the 90th birthday of its oldest active player, Dick St Denny, sponsored the annual outing to a San Jose Giants Game for 71 members and guests, coordinated a tour of Levi Stadium for 50 members and guests, hosted the June tournament for 29 teams over four days, had 98 players participate in the July 4th 1 Pitch Tournament which included 285 for the BBQ, sponsored five tournament teams one of which (State Roofing Royals 75+) won the Rock ‘n Reno Challenge Cup, held a very successful Señors Games, rolled out a new Website, had 108 members and guests attend the annual Holiday Party, ran successful Day Play, Night Play, and Saturday Leagues, and wrapped up the year with a group photo and lunch following the December 30th Day Play. Dennis also provided some insight to the Redwood City Parks and Rec plans to replace the turf at all the softball fields at Red Morton. The project is scheduled to begin in June and complete by August and will provide a cooler and softer turf with less pellets. The Club is negotiating with Redwood City and San Carlos for alternative fields.

Angelo, as Club Treasurer, reviewed the Annual Financial Report during which he mentioned that the Club’s savings went down last year mainly due to a lower membership, more unpaid members (80+), high cost of the June tournament, and subsidizing the Holiday Party. Savings are now at approximately $15,000 plus assets. A member from the audience suggested we consider a tier system where the annual dues cost less as one gets older. The Board will review the suggestion at a later meeting.

The attendees were then handed an election ballot for the 2015 Board of Directors. One attendee volunteered to be on the Board but since the nomination process was closed, it will be considered at a later time. Debbie Coyne collected the filled out ballots and verified that the eight candidates on the ballot were all elected. The 2015 Board of Directors will be Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Dennis Logie, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato and Hiro Tarumi.

Dennis then opened the floor to all attendees for any comments.

Debbie said that the wooden home plate at Griffin Field poses a safety problem. It is too thick and can trip someone. The Club will have it redone to see if it solves the concern. Night Play uses a mat instead of the wooden plate. Jim Rodondi asked the Board to review the policy that allows a hitter to hit the pitcher’s screen any number of times without penalty. There was a discussion about placement of the screen and that it should be for protection not strategy. Brian Kelly said a 3-2 count would speed up Day Play games. It was reemphasized that Day Play commissioners and batting practice pitchers need to limit batters to eight (8) pitches or less when there is a line of batters waiting. Bob Cushman wants the Club to recognize the status of our widows. Donna O’Farrell asked to consider a rule disallowing the same person to pinch run all the time. The current rule does not allow the same person to substitute run more than once an inning and cannot be on base when it is his/her time at bat. The latter rule is waived if teams are short of players, i.e. 10 or less. The Day Play rule that says you cannot ask a runner if they want a substitute runner is often abused.

This was a long but beneficial meeting and Dennis wrapped it up at 8:40 PM.

Submitted by Pat Michael