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May 2014

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

Minutes for May 1, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

The May 2014 meeting was called to order by Dennis Logie, President at 7:00 PM. Members present: Dennis, Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Dave Reck, Angelo Rizzato, and Hiro Tarumi. Absent member was Lee Thompson. Guests were Dean Perkins and Ralph Mariucci.


1. The April 2014 Board Meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved as submitted. Minutes are sent to all Directors, Brenda Guzman for the website, and Donna O’Farrell for historical recording.

2. The April 2014 Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and approved as submitted by Treasurer, Angelo Rizzato. Angelo pointed out that the Club was reimbursed $275 from John Gordon for an auction item that was rescinded, paid a $1370.63 bill for 100 2nd place tournament hats, and got a $569 bill for 64 1-pitch tournament shirts.

3. June Tournament – Bob Elwood was absent but submitted a written report. Bob has the hats for 2nd place teams and volunteers, sent out a mailer to 20 teams reminding them to sign up for the tournament, shows 8 teams have signed up so far, will purchase the bottled water from Costco, inquired about having a manager waiver form instead of individual player waivers, wants volunteers to sign up early and provide them scoreboard training, and will get lineup card copies next week. There was discussion regarding the waiver form and it was decided to continue to have each player sign the form. Dean, the co-Tournament Director, agreed. Pat is working on the Assignment and Volunteer List. Pat has also developed a Critique Form that will be given to each manager at the tournament to provide feedback to the Club.

4. July 4th 1-Pitch – Ralph, as the Commissioner, reports that the 1st and 2nd place shirts are in and envelopes have been labeled and stuffed with invitations and raffle tickets and are ready to be handed out or mailed.

5. Spring/Summer Night League – Pete reports that the league is running smooth except for some of the 1st games starting late and running late causing the 2nd game to run late, sometimes close to 10 PM when the lights go out. Pete and the other commissioners will work at getting the 1st game to start on time and shorten the number of innings if necessary.

6. Recruitment of New Members – A sub-committee was formed last month to look into the Club website’s feasibility as a recruiting tool. Based on a study by Pete, the current website is hard to find with search engines and when found is hard to get needed information. The Board approved having the current website rehosted, rebuilt, and filled with more informative content. This change can have an annual cost of approximately $360 but in return the Club will have the website professionally managed, not have to exhibit commercial ads, and expect to recruit new members. Brenda Guzman will continue as webmaster to manage the new site. A donation of approximately $2000 will provide the new design and layout.

7. San Jose Giants Outing – A look at the schedule showed Wednesday July 16 as a target date.

8. Wednesday Day Play Future – Only 2-6 people have been showing up for Wednesdays, not near enough for a game but enough for batting practice. Hiro will continue to open the field for Wednesdays but Dennis will make the necessary changes to reflect that the Club is no longer hosting games on Wednesdays.

9. Round Table – Bill reported that SSUSA is conducting a survey to evaluate the health of senior softball. Club members will possibly be surveyed. Dennis reported that Cupertino is much more robust with as many as 20 players and wants to play our Club on May 29 and June 5. These Thursday dates can conflict with Day Play but we will try and accommodate Cupertino as best we can. Pat reported that some of the women players would like to have Club visors rather than hats. Mark Kaufmann can provide Club visors at a cost of approximately $16-20 per visor. Pat will inquire with the interested players if the visor Mark can provide is acceptable. The subject of the turf on Griffin Field came up regarding its poor and uneven condition. The City at one time said it was going to have it replaced. Dennis will talk to Eric Newby to get the latest status.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM. Next Board meeting will be on June 5, 2014

Respectfully submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary