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June 2014

Minutes for June 5, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

The June 2014 meeting was called to order by Dennis Logie, President at 7:10 PM. Members present: Dennis, Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Pat Michael, Bill Picht, Angelo Rizzato, Hiro Tarumi, and Lee Thompson. Absent member was Dave Reck. Guest was Dean Perkins.


1. The May 2014 Board Meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved as submitted. Minutes are sent to all Directors, Brenda Guzman for the website, and Donna O’Farrell for historical recording.

2. The May 2014 Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and approved as submitted by Treasurer, Angelo Rizzato except where it stated 5 RC tournament entries, changed to 4. Angelo extended the date to have a full Club inventory list to the end of June. Recently added to the list is the refrigerator and BBQ cooker in the shack at Bechet Field.

3. Approval of Sponsored Teams – Dennis went over the rosters of the 5 teams that have applied for sponsorship. It appears just about every team has a player or two that is not currently a Club member. Until all players have joined the Club, i.e. paid the annual dues, their team will not be accepted for sponsorship.

4. June Tournament – Dean Perkins was present to brief the Board on the status of the tournament and Bob Elwood submitted a written report. There are currently 23 teams signed up with about 9 more on the way. Last day to apply is June 9. If there are more teams that Red Morton fields can handle, we will use Hawes Park. This will result in additional maintenance costs. Softballs and 2nd place hats have been purchased. Pat will pick up 10 cases of water and store it at Joe Bozzuto’s house. Bob will type up scoreboard instructions so the Field Coordinators can operate the system correctly. Angelo will provide money for umpire housing to the head umpire and he will distribute accordingly. Once the teams have been placed in brackets, Pat will assign volunteers to work the fields during the tournament. Dean said that the brackets should be done by June 12. The number one team in Northern California, Nor Cal Warriors, has entered the tournament. Angelo expressed some concern that the Club is paying tournament insurance but our Club insurance might already cover the same.

5. July 4th 1-Pitch – Ralph Mariucci, the 1-Pitch Tournament Commissioner, was not able to attend but passed along his information to Bill Picht. Bill reported that 47 members have so far signed up with several more on the way. The deadline for signing up is June 23. Steve will take care of the BBQ. Bill, Hiro, Ralph, and Joe Kirby will select the teams once the deadline has passed.

6. Spring/Summer Night League – The commissioners, Angelo, Pete, and Steve, report that the league is running smooth with the games now running on time due to batting practice finishing on time. The Summer Season starts next Tuesday in San Carlos with the same teams.

7. Recruitment of New Members (website) – Pete reported that the website committee has made significant input to the new website and it is now 80% complete. There are a limited number of people that have editing rights on the website but Board members are able to log in as a guest to view the various pages. The committee is estimating the new website will roll out in 2 weeks.

8. San Jose Giants Outing – The July 16 date decided on will feature the home team playing Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. The Quakes are a farm team of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Tickets for the game, dinner, and beverage will cost the Club $25 but members will only pay $15. Signups for the Outing will begin soon at Day Play and Night Play.

9. Change of Day Play Outfielder Distance to 175 feet – For several weeks, Day Play has been experimenting with not allowing outfielders any closer than 175 feet until the ball is hit. The vast majority of feedback has been positive. Players having short fly balls caught before are now getting hits and runners advancing to 2nd base are less likely to get thrown out by an outfielder. Pat will update the Day Play rules to reflect the change.

10. Club Mission Statement – Pat provided a handout explaining what a mission statement consists of, examples of non-profit mission statements, and 2 suggested mission statements written by Pat and Pete. Dennis will take the information and provide a mission statement for Board review. Once approved, it will be entered on the website.

11. Board Duties Discussion – not covered.

12. Round Table – Bill has collected the Day Play attendance records for the past 2 months and shows that Tuesdays are averaging 35 and Thursdays are averaging 36. While these numbers are good the Club still wants to advertise the Club to recruit new members...The Board would also like to make sure all members are aware of the upcoming tournament. The home and away games with the Cupertino Club were discussed as worthwhile to continue.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:07 PM. Next Board meeting will be on Wednesday July 9, 2014

Respectfully submitted by Pat Michael, Club Secretary