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April 2014

Redwood City Señors Softball Club

Minutes for April 3, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

The April 3, 2014 meeting was called to order by Dennis Logie at 7:00 PM. Members present were Dennis, Steve Bowerman, Pete Lewis, Bill Picht,Lee,Thompson, Hiro Tarumi and Dave Reck. Absent members were Pat Michael and Angelo Rizzato.


1. The March, 2014 Board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.

2. The March, 2014 Treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved. Bob Elwood and Dean Perkins reported on the June tournament. Flyer posted on NCSSA website, with mailers next week to Managers. Elwood will get permits and provide scoreboard training. 47- 375 Baden balls purchased. Brenda operate snack shack. The board approved $300 for umpire housing and $200 for Rich to oversee tournament issues with Elwood provided guidelines.

3. Ralph Mariucci reported on July 4th One Pitch. Ralph has past Kirby file info. Ralph and wife Dorthy will handle raffle. Ralph will contact Mark Kauffman on shirts. Ralph will contact Donna on mailers to members going out May 1 with June 24 deadline. Steve will obtain barbeque. Tie games will count as half a win.

4. Hiro recapped Saturday league. Two divisions next year will include 50-59 age players.

5. Pete reported on four team Night league going well. Lighting adjustments have been made by the city.

6. Recruitment of new members included excellent report by Pete regarding web site searches. A sub group of Pete, Lee, and Pat will further study issues and use of key words to facilitate searches. Dennis analyzed past members who should be contacted to indicate continued membership.

7. New membership documentation will include careful review of submitted application for correct e-mail addresses, etc. In addition a copy of drivers license by applicant or simple PHOTO of license by director accepting application will be required to maintain and facilitate member data base.

8. Tournament critique form postponed till next meeting.

9. Board minutes will continue to be timely posted with official approval at next meeting. SEE NOTE.

10 Wednesday Day play future postponed till next meeting. Numbers are being collected for Tuesday/Thursday participation.

“ NOTE April 3, 2014 Board minutes covering Redwood City CA. San Francisco/Bay Area “Senior Softball” activities and events will be officially approved/revised at May 1, 2014 Redwood City Seniors Softball Club board meeting.

Respectively submitted, Dave Reck