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President’s Message 2010

President’s Message: Another great year is just about in the books! Looking back, club members continued to enjoy a wide range of club sponsored activities. A special thanks to all those volunteers, including our league commissioners, tournament directors and event planners, whose leadership and hard work made those events enjoyable and successful.

The Board of Directors has had to deal with a number of important issues this year including raising our club membership fees, more clearly defining the criteria for tournament team sponsorship, possible purchase of electronic scoreboards for several of the Redwood City softball fields and the continued costs of paid umpires for our night leagues. The Board is to be commended for cohesively working through each of these issues in a manner that maintains and/or improves the services offered to our members.

The Redwood City Señors Softball Club offers its members a number of activities that require both financial and “Human” resources for continued success. The Board can help assure the availability of financial resources by monitoring expenses. Providing the human resources is everyone's responsibility. Volunteers are needed for most every Club event. There will always be a need for league commissioners, tournament directors, event planners, etc. as well as workers. Don't be afraid to step up and offer to help. There is work involved, but the work goes hand in hand with a sense of accomplishment and most important—a chance to have fun. Join us in 2011—we welcome your help!

Sincerely, Bill Picht

Club Officers: At the annual meeting, Bill Picht was reelected as this year’s president of the club; Dennis Logie as vice president; Bob Cushman as treasurer; & Dave Reck as recording secretary. Other board members are Debbie Coyne, Al Davis, Joe Kirby, Glenn Kovas, and Pat Michael. Donna O’Farrell is appointed membership secretary

Activities and Events

Holiday Party on December 4: The club’s annual Holiday party will be held on Saturday night, December 4, at 6:00, at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Redwood City. Board member Pat Michael is coordinating with help from Donna O’Farrell, Ray Chun, and Ginger Mah. The plans are for a sit down dinner, silent auction, raffle prizes, open bar, entertainment, dancing, the announcement of Most Improved Player of the Year, and fun and fellowship. If you have an item to donate for the raffle or auction, please contact Pat Michael at 299-0331.

Last year’s party had 110 in attendance and our most improved player for 2009 was Sandy Bettancourt. There was also a special award for NickIoimo, our oldest active player at age 90.

Annual Meeting: The annual meeting of the club will be at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center in Redwood City at 7:00 pm on January 3, 2011. At that time, election of officers will take place, board members will be elected, and other agenda business items will be posted on the Club’s web site and addressed. Every member is welcome to attend.

Saturday League Begins December 4 at Hawes? Yes, there is a question mark above. Hawes Park is being completely renovated with new bleachers, scorer’s booth, restrooms, and fencing. The outfield will be artificial turf and a high-quality dirt infield is being installed. Completion date was scheduled for August 31, then October 30, and now December 1. It will be a gem when it is completed.

This year’s Saturday League will begin under the direction of Dean Perkins with Bob Cushman as administrative assistant. As in the past, all games are double-headers beginning at 9:00, 11:30, and 2:00.Although tournament teams are invited, there is often room for walk-ons to play each Saturday for teams missing players that Saturday. You must be a member of the Señors to play, however. The league will conclude in February.

Monday Night Winter League: With the completed renovation of Hawes Park, the Night Winter League will move back to Mondays. Play is expected to begin on December 6. Debbie Coyne is serving as the commissioner and Bruce Barnes as the field general. The league ends in February.

One Pitch Tournament: The annual Fourth of July One-Pitch Tournament and picnic was a success again with 8 teams and114 club members participating and a large crowd of171 more fans present on this holiday. Teams were balanced for skills and age, with each team pitching to itself. Play was followed by the traditional BBQ picnic.

Dave Arrigoni’s “Avengers” won first place over thetwo other seasoned veteran teams in the “National League”, defeating Bill Beshore’s “Marauders” and Dean Perkins’s “Bears”.

In the American League with younger Señors players, Carl Woodruff’s “Woodies” lost their title from last year to Tim Reed’s “The No Necks”, whoonly tied the “Woodies” but won all other games.Second place was decided in a battle between RicFerras’s “Manlymen” and Debra Coyne’s “Titans”. The game ended in a tie, but tiebreakers gave theshirts to the “Titans”. John Leland’s “Razorbacks” and the “Woodies” competed for the next places.

Trip to the San Jose Giants: Our annual Baseball and BBQ night to see the San Jose Giants play on June 4, was the best attended ever. We had 42 members and families present for the event, organized by Glenn Kovas. Great food, fun, and a lively game.

At this level of play, there are between-inning contests to keep the fans amused. In one of them, there was a tug-of-war between two men. One of them evidently tore his hamstring and had to be carried from the field. More excitement than we wanted!

Hitting and Fielding Clinics: Dodging threatening rain and braving heavy winds on the last week, the Señors Hitting Clinic with former Giants star, Terry Whitfield, was highly successful, with every session completed and a near-perfect attendance of those signed up.

The results were satisfying, with most participants agreeing they learned professional hitting tips that improved their batting. Some of the results were almost scary: left-field slugger Joe Farias learning to hit to right field; Irv Drasnin rediscovering his long ball; and Dennis Kain planting one in the trees in deep right center.

Two fielding clinics were held this year, one for infielders and one for outfielders, led by prior semipro player and coach, Ken Smith, and assisted by Coach Tim Goode. The weather was wonderful, maybe too warm, as a couple of the participants had to take a breather in the intensive drills to help us rebuild new habits or reinforce old ones we learned long, long ago.

The results were excellent as in the past. Smith made a budding superstar out of Rich Foley by teaching him the “crow-hop”—so Foley added accuracy and speed to an already outstanding arm. What’s next? Teaching Rich to run on his toes?

Club Information

Deadline for New Dues Is December 31: In a preemptive move to address rising costs, the Señors dues have increased to $45.00 per year, the first such increase in more than ten years. What a tremendous entertainment bargain! Your dues pay for more than 140 days of open play during the week with new softballs each day, a fielding clinic, liability insurance for members, Señors Games, One-Pitch Tournament and barbecue, and free membership for those 80 and older. In addition, the dues subsidize our Holiday party, batting clinic, tournament teams, and our annual trip to San Jose to watch the Giants.

Dues can be paid at any time for the full year of 2011. Future new members who pay their dues for2010 through the end of the year will also be covered for 2011! What a bargain! Anyone you know that would like to join the Señors? Please note that after January 1, only paid up members will be able to participate in open play, a league, or be part of a subsidized team for tournament play. We are also interested in updates on address, phone, and e-mail information to keep our large and growing roster current.

Scoreboards for the City: The Señors have had a long and fruitful relationship with Redwood City, and in particular, the Recreation Department. Señors maintained fields for years, dragging the infield, installing batters boxes, etc., and even built one field! We continue to police our playing area, including the new task of raking. The city has been generous in allowing us to use fields for our play. With the artificial turf, and its almost eliminated need for maintenance, the Club has now helped pay for new scoreboards at Hawes, Griffin, Bechet, and other fields! Our contribution is further evidence of our gratefulness to the city and our active role as participants in keeping great fields.

Innovative Club Tournament a Success: With the loss of Hawes Park this summer, it seemed unlikely we could field the normal 24 teams for our annual hosted tournament for northern California. However, Tournament Director, Bob Elwood, came up with an innovative idea. Five over-70 teams played on Thursday and Friday, allowing the younger teams to play on the weekend for a total of23 teams. There were many compliments on the tournament from different players, and the all-weather fields were especially admired. Cooler than normal temperatures were a change from last year’s hot conditions. All of our club-sponsored teams were able to play, with two of them winning first place in their bracket.

Champions Honored: A team from the Señors, the Redwood City Reds, won the first ever Senior Softball World Series held in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1989. This summer, many of the surviving members of that team who are current Señors members were honored in a ceremony conducted by Hall of Famer, Jack Hoover. The members of the team were John Brand, Jim Candler, Pete Conley, Tom Filipo, Warren Goodnow, Larry Gotelli, Dave Jenkins, Bob Kiesman, Bill Mitchell, Al Myers, Jack Paulucci, Dean Prince, Joe Serna, John Serna, Jim Theisen, and Mike Vigo.Those present at the ceremony (see cover photo)were Theisen, Brand, Gotelli, Candler, Goodnow, and Vigo. Jim Theisen was the MVP of the World Series as he hit 25 for 27 (or 21 for 24) depending on whose memory you trust. Anyway, it was a batting average for the ages, especially in pouring rain for much of the tourney.

We Remember: Tom Dower passed away on April 9, 2010. He was born on February 9, 1919. Tom was our oldest active player in the club, last playing in the 2009 Fourth of July Tournament where he caught a fly ball in the outfield to rousing applause. Tom was a veteran of World War II and Korea, retired as a captain with three Purple Hearts, served both Redwood City and Menlo Park Police, worked as a corrections officer for four years, and joined the club in 1999 at the age of 80!

Ken Stergion, a former active member, passed away on August 1, 2010. He was born on September 11, 1935. Here is Carl Woodruff’s memory of Ken, the softball-playing dentist: “Ken was my opponent/team mate since 1971. A year older, he joined the Señors the year before me. We played on the Cardinals together, and traveled together for 10years. He went on to play with the Blue Jays until he moved to Rocklin. He was still an active player in the Sacramento area and stopped by to see me just Saturday morning [July 31] at our tournament games in Citrus Heights. I will miss him greatly.”

NCSSA Hall of Fame: The NCSSA Hall of Fame inducted yet another club member this year. Bob Elwood was recognized for his long connection to senior softball and his service on the regional board of the NCSSA, including serving as Secretary for many years. He joins Bob Strand, Noel Lanctot, Jack Hoover, Dean Perkins, new Señors member Carl Wagner, and former long time member, Al Meyers, in the Northern California Senior Softball Association Hall of Fame.

National Hall of Fame: You might be interested to discover that several of our club members are in the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame. You can access this national site at http://sshof.org/Documents/MembersbyName.pdfYou will see the names of club members Charlie Adams, John Chacon, Charlie Hildebrandt, Noel Lanctot, Dean Perkins, and Jim Theisen.

Nick Loimo Honored The Club held a picnic for Nick Loimo’s 90th Birthday. It was right after Thursday day play, and the weather changed to sunny after a week of cold and rain. All of the 48 players stayed and another 27showed up to wish Nick a happy birthday as our oldest active member of the Club. A reporter showed up to do a story on Nick. Hot dogs and fixin’s were catered and cooked by Ginger Mah and her crew. Two wonderfully decorated birthday cakes, and a home made gugelhupf finished off the picnic. It was a great time—people stayed for 1 1/2 hours; there was lots of fellowship and story-swapping; and Nick’s son and granddaughters and other family joined us. Lots of pictures were taken of Nick with his baseball uniform on! Nick and the event and senior softball in general were featured in a cover article in the Redwood City Spectrum magazine!

Information- Rain Line and Web Site: If you are concerned about field conditions, location of open play, rain conditions at tournaments out of the area, and many other items, the club has an info line at 650-363-1140. It’s accessible 24-hours a day. Check there first for information. The club also has a web site at www.seniorsoftball.us with more information added constantly.

Picture Memories: Bob Cushman has worked hard to establish a new web site featuring pictures of Señors teams, past and present. You can access it through the Club web site: http://www.seniorsoftball.us We are always looking for more data, so if you can identify any players from the past that are featured in the photos, we value your input.

Tournament Results for Sponsored Teams:

As the 2010 tournament season draws to a close, we had seven club-sponsored teams participating throughout northern California and in other states. Our sponsorship this year involved paying ASA registration, liability insurance, $400 supplement toward tournament fees, and free entry in our own Redwood City Tournament. Here’s how our teams did on the tournament circuit.

The Redwood City Chiefs 75s entered 18 tournaments, doing very well in winning 3 of them, plus a silver medal for coming in second in the NCSSA Hall of Fame Championships in Manteca and second place in the large Reno tournament. Among their wins was a gold medal for first place in the California Championships and a gold medal for winning the Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah.

The State Roofing Royals 70s team also had a great year, winning 6 of the 16 tournaments they entered, including the California Championship in the 70sAAA division and the NCSSA Hall of Fame Championships tournament where they repeated as champions in August without a defeat.

The Redwood City Cardinals improved their ranking from last year and won 2 tournaments out of the 11that they entered.

The Redwood City Five 0’s, in their second year, was the highest ranked club team at 29 in all of northern California. They won 2 of the 6 tournaments they entered this year.

A new team this year was the Jolly Rogers who won 1 tournament of the 8 they entered and were ranked 95 at the end of the season.

The Redwood City Bay Supporters improved their tournament record, winning 48% of their tournament games in the 10 tournaments they entered.

The Redwood City Chiefs 75-80s was the oldest team in northern California. They entered 5tournaments and were competitive in all of them.

In a related issue, a large donation of uniforms has been received and managers should inquire.