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President’s Message 2008

President’s Message: The year 2008 has seen our membership rise to over 320. It has been a pleasure to see our tournament teams continue to be top contenders. Day play keeps getting more and more competitive while still emphasizing fun.

I would like to thank personally the following people for their help in keeping us on an even keel: Joe Bozzuto for the great 4th of July BBQ and One Pitch Tournament. Also making my life easier at our June tournament were Sandy Bettencourt, Brenda Guzman, Pat Michael, Mark Kaufmann, Bob Cushman and Dave Reck. Debbie Coyne and Bill Picht have done a super job on our Summer, Fall and Winter Leagues. Dennis Logie made our special batting and fielding days very successful. Don’t miss the Christmas Party! Bill Picht and Donna O'Farrell have a great caterer and our own Ric Ferris will be our DJ. Helen Amaya continues to be the financial wizard of our club with her One Pitch and Christmas raffles. And thanks for all the years of hard work to Hall of Famer, Jack Hoover.

Thanks also to our Board Members: Debbie Coyne, Al Davis, Joe Kirby, Dennis Logie, and Pat Michael; and to the Officers: Bob Cushman, Donna O'Farrell, Bill Picht, and Dave Reck.

Sincerely, Glenn Kovas

Activities and Events

Saturday League Begins November 22: This year’s Saturday League will begin on November 22, with 8 teams invited. As in the past, Hawes Park is available, but there is a possibility of moving to an all-weather field in Redwood City. Usually teams play a double¬header on Saturday during the day, and there is often room for walk-ons to play each Saturday for teams missing players that day. All members of teams, and walk-ons, must be members of the Señors. Bob Cushman and Dean Perkins will serve as co-commissioners of this league that will end in early February.

Monday Night Fall League: The traditional Tuesday night Winter League has moved to Monday and began on September 15. Debbie Coyne and Bill Picht are serving as the commissioners and the league plays in the evening at Hawes Park. Those interested in playing on a team should contact Debbie at 650-365-2785 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. league ends on December 15.

Holiday Party on December 6: The club’s annual Holiday party will be held on Saturday night, December 6, at the Veteran’s Memorial Building. With the departure to Texas of past organizer Rick Allen, Board Member Bill Picht is coordinating with help from Donna O’Farrell. They promise another splendid meal, lots of raffle prizes, an open bar, dancing, the announcement of Most Improved Player of the Year, and fun and fellowship. If you have an item to donate for the raffle, please contact Helen Amaya at 368-8916.

Last year’s party had 108 in attendance, for the first time in 4 years it DIDN’T rain, and there were great raffle prizes, including a Joe Montana signed football. Surprisingly, two S.F. 49er tickets had NO takers! Our most improved player for 2007 was Ginger Mah.

One Pitch Tournament: The annual Fourth of July One-Pitch Tournament and picnic was a great success with 7 teams with98 players participating and a large crowd off ans present on this holiday occasion. Teams were balanced for skills and age, with each teampitching to itself. Play was followed by the traditional BBQ picnic.

Tuesday Night Summer League: This summer’s Tuesday night league was an active and competitive one. Thanks to Debbie Coyne and Bill Picht for serving as commissioners of this league.

Batting Instruction: The club had two successful batting instruction clinics in the late autumn and in the early spring with a professional instructor, former S.F. Giant, Terry Whitfield. The personalized instruction was on Mondays and Fridays and was only $10.00.We had 76 batters in 7 different sessions. Some had dramatic improvement; some are back to normal; but all enjoyed it and learned from it. Many club players donated time to helps hagging flies (long flies after Terry’s instruction!)and pitching.

Fielding Clinic: After the success of the batting instruction, the club sponsored a free fielding clinic with coach and former semipro player, Ken Smith. These clinics not only reminded players of fundamentals perhaps long forgotten, but taught other players fielding tips they had never heard before!

Club Information

Deadline for Dues Is December 31: Just a reminder that dues can be paid at anytime for the full year of 2009. New members after October 1 who pay their dues for 2008through the end of the year will also be covered for 2009! What a bargain! Why not think of someone you can bring along to join the Señors? Please note that after January 1, only current members will be able to participate in open play or be part of a subsidized team for tournament play. We are also interested in updates on address, phone, and e-mail information to keep our large and growing roster current.

What Your Dues Cover: Once again, the board has decided to keep the dues at $35.00 for the entire year to be a member of the Redwood City Señors Softball Club. What do these dues cover? A variety of things: first of all, the opportunity for athletic activity to keep us sprightly; new softballs everyday for open play about 150 times a year; liability insurance for members while playing; support for club sponsored teams in their tournament play; costs for hosting the annual Redwood City Tournament and the July Fourth One-Pitch Tournament and picnic; subsidizing a Holiday Party; and more. What a bargain! No wonder our membership has grown by 9% since last year.

Information: Rain Line and Website: If you are concerned about field conditions, location of open play, rain conditions at tournaments out of the area, and many other items, the club has an info line at 650-363-1140.It’s accessible 24-hours a day. Check there first for information. The club also has a web site at www.geocities.com/rcsenors.

Hall of Fame: The club should be justly proud that two of its members, Jack Hoover and Dean Perkins, have been voted into the Northern California Senior Softball Association Hall of Fame.

Jack was installed for his work in initiating the Association 18 years ago. Because of his effort, tournament dates were scheduled far ahead to avoid conflicts, rules were standardized, tournament conditions were more uniform, and team membership has more than doubled from the first year Dean Perkins was honored for his long time record as a team manager, a tournament director, and his 14-year involvement in the Association as an appointed regional board member.

CPR/Defibrillator Training: In conjunction with the placement of defibrillators by Redwood City in the field boxes at Griffin and Bechet, board member Pat Michael arranged for CPR and defibrillator training for any interested. Redwood City paid the costs for Sequoia Hospital training, and five club members are now certified. There are plans for additional training in the future for other interested club members, as well as a request to the city that they put defibrillators in the field boxes at Hawes and possibly at McGarvey.

Kaiser Hospital Relationship: In some areas of the country, Kaiser Hospital is working with senior softball clubs to enhance health in a variety of ways, including tournament sponsorship. Instigated by John Hinton, a board subcommittee is talking with Redwood City Kaiser Hospital about a potential relationship with our club in 2009.

Day Play Rule Change for 75+: Following the successful introduction of Miken bats for our older members, an additional rule change this year now prohibits ground ball double plays on 75+ players who bat and run for themselves. This keeps our revered senior señors in the game!

Stallos Invents 4+5+5 Softball: On a winter Wednesday, when only 14 players were present for day play, George Stallos invented a game with 3 teams of 4, 5, and 5 players. The game went seven innings, there was lots of batting, it lasted until 11:40, and the score was 7 to 5 to 3!

New Experimental Four-Team Format: With its expanded club size, there were many day play Tuesdays and Thursdays where there were enough players for four teams. Dividing the teams meant lessened opportunity for interaction with half the turnout. Board member Pat Michaels suggested a split day: 45 minutes or 5 innings, and then winners play winners and losers against losers for another 5 innings. The experiment was well received except by the double losing team!

We Remember: Since September 2007, the following club members have passed away:

Al Lambrechts, October 2007, at 86. Al played up into his 80s.

Rusty Lewis, October 2007, at 84. Rusty played this year.

Joe Mannina, January 2008, at 87. Joe also played up into his 80s.

Lynn MacMeekin, October 2008, at 70. Lynn joined the club in 1990.

Annual Meeting: The annual meeting of the club will be on January 5, 2009. At that time, election of officers will take place, new board members will be confirmed, and other agenda business items will be addressed. Every member is welcome to attend.

Señors to Cuba: Initiated by John Gordon, many of our club members are travelling to Cuba this November to play softball against Cuban teams in a friendly series. Combined with sightseeing there, and in the Caribbean, this should be a grand trip. As a good will gesture, the team will take lots of donated sports equipment to give to Cuban players. Collections from club members totalled250 items and 225 pounds! The board voted to donate one of our pitching protection screens.

Trip Club Hats Still Available: President Glenn Kovas still has some club baseball hats with the latest design available for sale. If you would like one, they are only $8.00.Glenn is present Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at day play Trip To the San Jose Giants In what has become a summer tradition, 27members journeyed to an evening game of the San Jose Giants AAA ball club. The scores and game are usually forgotten, but everyone remembers the fantastic barbecue and good times. Join us this coming year for this fun event

Tournament Results For Sponsored Teams:

As another tournament season draws to a close, we again had seven club-sponsored teams participating throughout northern California and in other states. Our sponsorship involves paying ASA registration, liability insurance, $350 supplement toward tournament fees, and free entry in our own Redwood City Tournament. In an improved 2008 season, all teams won at least one tournament! Congratulations.

The most successful team was our State Roofing Royals 70 team which won 5tournaments and ranked 78, was the second-highest ranked 70s team. Among their tournament wins was the Western Nationals in Salt Lake City.

The Redwood City Bay Supporters was our highest ranked team at 24, and they won two tournaments out of 8 entered.

The Redwood City Chiefs 70s, ranked 100, was the most active with 16 tournaments. Their overall game wins were under .500, but they won gold with an undefeated run at the Huntsman Games, won two other tournaments, and came in second in the 2007 World Championships, losing in the last inning by one run.

The State Roofing Royals 65 team had the highest games won percentage at 58% in 12 tournaments, which resulted in two tournament championships and a 64 ranking.

The newly formed Jolly Roger, ranked 91, won two tournaments out of 13 entered.

The Redwood City Chiefs 75s entered an amazing 15 tournaments, winning one, coming in third in the World Championships, and ending up ranked 107.

The Redwood City Cardinals had a relatively high ranking of 72 and won a tournament near the end of the season

2009 Tournament Dates: For those of you who like to plan ahead, our annual Redwood City Tournament for teams throughout California will be held on June 20 and21, 2009. Our One-Pitch Tournament will be on July 4, 2009. And the nearby Palo Alto Tournament dates have been set as June 6 and 7, 2009


See's Candy: Brenda Guzman has registered the club with See's Candy for the "quantity discount" program for the Christmas Season. The catalog and order forms will be available on the Señors web site. Order different kinds of chocolate at a discount price of $10.95 or $11.60 for gift certificates.

A Poet! Sunny Dagang was inspired to write a free verse poem based on a tournament experience. You will read it here first before submission for a Nobel Prize.

Out At Home

by Mariano “Sunny” Dagang

Ron is catching

Pizzaman’s pitching

Irv is at third

Sunny’s at first

It’s the last inning, we’re up by one

A runner is at first, two outs

There’s a one-hop line drive to center

The throw to third short-hops Irv and goes to the fence

Backing up third, Sunny grabs the ball

There’s a crowd at the plate (runner, umpire, catcher, pitcher, on-deck batter)

He throws to the crowd at the plate

An arm reaches up, a bare-hand catch

It’s Ron!

Out at Home! Out at Home! Out at Home!

The Terrible Accident

At the end of a Sunday church service, the pastor asked if anyone in the congregation would like to express any praise for answered prayers. A lady stood and walked to the front.

She said, "I have a praise. Two months ago, my husband, Jim, was playing senior softball and was hit by an enormous line drive so that his scrotum was completely crushed. The pain was excruciating and the doctors didn't know if they could help him."

You could hear an audible gasp from the men in the congregation as they imagined the pain that poor Jim experienced. She continued, "Jim was unable to hold me or the grandchildren and every move caused him terrible pain. We prayed as the doctors performed a delicate operation. They were able to piece together the crushed remnants of Jim's scrotum and wrap wire around it to hold it in place."

Again, the men in the congregation squirmed uncomfortably as they imagined the horrible surgery performed on Jim. She continued, "Now, Jim is out of the hospital and the doctor's say, with time, his scrotum should recover completely.” All the men sighed with relief.

The pastor rose and in a shaky voice asked if anyone else had anything to say.

A man rose and gingerly walked to the front. He said, "Hi, I'm Jim, and I want to tell my wife, the word is STERNUM!"