Casco Class 311 ft Cutters: USCGC Casco WHEC 370, USCGC Matagora WHEC 371, USCGC Humbolt WHEC 372, USCGC Mackinac WHEC 373, USCGC Absecon WHEC 374, USCGC Chincoteague WHEC 375, USCGC Coos Bay WHEC 376, USCGC Rockaway WHEC 377, USCGC Half Moon WHEC 378, USCGC Unimak WHEC 379, USCGC Yakutat WHEC 380, USCGC Barataria WHEC 381, USCGC Bering Strait WHEC 382, USCGC Castle Rock WHEC 383, USCGC … USCGC Blacktip (WPB 87326) USCGC Blackfin; USCGC Halibut; USCGC Narwhal; Sector San Diego. Note: N/A N/A 2005-04-18 USPS Type 9 Lockport, LA USCGC … USCGC Sea Otter (WPB-87362) is the 61st cutter in the United States Coast Guard's successful Marine Protector class. The 87-foot (27 m) Sea Otter incorporates several features not present in the Coast Guard's earlier cutters. Many thanks to USCGC SEA OTTER for a great day of towing and astern refueling training. USCGC Sea Horse on Virginia's Elizabeth River -- cropped from 141105-G-ZV557-045.jpg USCGC Sea Horse WPB-87361 Portsmouth, VA. Interagency interdiction seizes more than half a ton of marijuana 150310-G-GV559-486.jpg USCGC Sea Otter WPB-87362 San Diego, CA. USCGC Ahi.jpg USCGC Ahi WPB-87364 Honolulu, HI Units. Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) San Diego; Sector San Diego Reserve; Station San Diego; USCGC Edisto; USCGC Haddock; USCGC Petrel; USCGC Sea Otter (WPB 87362) Sector San Francisco. USCGC Sea Otter (WPB-87362) is the 61st cutter in the United States Coast Guard's successful Marine Protector class. Out on patrol on Saturday, February 10, 2007 in the San Francisco Bay near the SF Ferry Building. If you have any problems viewing this article, please report it here. [4], "U. S. Coast Guard: Small Cutters and Patrol Boats 1915 - 2012", "Coast Guard teamwork saves sailors and their boat", "Coast Guard seizes more than half a ton of marijuana: Comments Off on Coast Guard seizes more than half a ton of marijuana", Marine Protector-class coastal patrol boats, List of cutters of the United States Coast Guard,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 July 2020, at 14:52. BM1 Chris Apple and family representing USCGC SEA OTTER Sebastião Salgado, a Reality of the World in Black and White 11/18/2017 Palm Springs Navy League council is a civilian organization in support of the Sea Services, Navy Marine Corps Coast Guard and U S Flag Merchant Marine Monthly luncheons at Classic Club Palm Desert. Many thanks to USCGC SEA OTTER for a great day of towing and astern ... With SEA OTTER simulating a disabled vessel, we approached, hooked up and towed SEA OTTER, then shortened the tow length, floated our fuel rig back to SEA OTTER for an astern refuel, recovered our fuel rig, and safely broke tow. Command Units Public Affairs Sector New Orleans. Please look at the scan and make your own judgement. Fish and Wildlife Service. [3], On March 11, 2015, Sea Otter helped intercept a small boat, carrying over 1.3 tons of marijuana. 760-272-8449 marijuana. Launching. [1][2] The class is designed for missions lasting up to three days. There were designed to replace the Vietnam–era Point class patrol boats. WERC's sea otter team works with multiple institutions and partners to report, recover, and examine stranded sea otters. SN Fritzius was one of HATCHET's most qualified personnel, as he assisted several shipmates in achieving various qualifications. USCGC Manatee WPB-87363 Corpus Christi, TX. USCGC Sea Fox (WPB 87374) T-035 Harder Road Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor Silverdale, WA 98315 (360) 315-3612. ... 2005-04-09 USPS 4-bar Hampton Roads, VA USS Texas SSN-775. USCGC Mackinaw WLBB-30. [1][2], On February 7, 2013, Sea Otter and USCGC Waesche came to the assistance of a 60-foot (18 m) pleasure craft, Tioga, which was sinking, in heavy swells, 35 miles (56 km) south of San Clemente Island. USCGC Sea Otter (WPB-87362) USCGC Manatee (WPB-87363) USCGC Ahi (WPB-87364) USCGC Pike (WPB-87365) USCGC Terrapin (WPB-87366) USCGC Sea Dragon (WPB-87367) USCGC Sea Devil (WPB-87368) USCGC Crocodile (WPB-87369) USCGC Diamondback (WPB-87370) USCGC Reef Shark (WPB-87371) USCGC Alligator (WPB-87372) USCGC ALDER WLB-216 Duluth MN (Minnesota) USA National Capital Council Washington DC (District of Columbia) USCGC ALERT WMEC-630 Warrenton Portland-Blueback Council OR (Oregon) USA Portland OR (Oregon) USCGC AQUIDNECK WPB-1309 Manama Bahrain Charlotte Council Charlotte NC (North Carolina) Get the latest live position for the USCGC SEA OTTER. USCGC 95003(ex-Aberdeen) Builder: American Pacific Whaling Company, Seattle, WA Built: 1912 Commissioned: Decommissioned: March 16, 1944 Length: 88 feet Navigation draft: 11 feet 5 inches Beam: 19 feet Displacement: 59 tons Propulsion: , (a) The Contractor shall furnish all necessary facilities, labor, materials, services, equipment, supplies, power, accessories, special tools, consumables and other things necessary to perform a dry dock and ship repairs for the USCGC SEA OTTER (WPB-87362), an 87-foot patrol boat, all in exact accordance with this solicitation and the attached specification. Interagency interdiction seizes more than half a ton of marijuana 150310-G-GV559-486.jpg USCGC Sea Otter WPB-87362 San Diego, CA USCGC Manatee WPB-87363 Corpus Christi, TX USCGC Ahi.jpg USCGC Ahi WPB-87364 Honolulu, HI This product is rich Cutters like Sea Otter are assigned to perform search and rescue, intercept drug smugglers and people smugglers, provide a front line response to disasters, and perform routine constabulary duties. 1947 - 2000: White Hulls 125 Active Class "Buck and a Quarters" Coastal Patrol Boat (1967) Medium Endurance Cutter (>1967) MSU Morgan City MSU Baton Rouge The Coast Guard had a new initiative, when the class was designed, that all its cutters, even the smallest, like the Marine Protector, should be able to accommodate mixed sex crews. [1][2] The class are equipped with a stern launching ramp, that allows the vessel to deploy or retrieve it waterjet propelled pursuit boat, without having to stop. SN Tyler Fritzius and SN Ka-Jana Nunnally set sail on a voyage to further their Coast Guard careers. USCGC Bernard Webber (WPC-1101): Phone: (305) 535-4511; Address: 100 McArthur cause way ; Miami Beach, FL 33139 : USCGC Richard Etheridge (WPC-1102):. More than just an artist conception of the ship, this display includes a custom designed Coast Guard crest plaque and an engraved ship statistics plaque. She displaces approximately 90 long tons (91 t), and her top speed is approximately 24 knots (44 km/h). USCGC Cochito launching a small boat from the stern ramp USCGC Sailfish in New York City … The USCGC Daniel Tarr will be commissioned Jan. 10 in Galveston, Texas, after the Coast Guard accepted delivery of the vessel in Key West, Fla., in November. The Marine Protector class (WPB) is a 87-foot coastal patrol boat for the United States Coast Guard. USCGC KANKAKEE (WLR-75500) MSDD FT SMITH MSDD GREENVILLE MSD VICKSBURG ANT COLFAX USCGC GREENBRIER (WLR-75501) USCGC KICKAPOO (WLR-75406) USCGC PATOKA (WLR-75408) USCGC MUSKINGUM (WLR-75402) USCGC KANAWHA (WLR-75407) Contact Information Sector Mobile. USCGC Sea Lion (WPB 87352) 365 Harris Ave Bellingham, WA 98225 (360) 738-8064. Vessel position, logs and particulars for Coast-guard USCGC SEA OTTER at, the global ship database. USCGC HATCHET Says Farewell to Crew Members This week CGC HATCHET sees off two of its seasoned crew members. A World War II hero from Chincoteague has a new Coast Guard cutter named after him. Most notably they are capable of deploying and recovering a 18-foot RIB while underway. USCGC MORAY WPB-87331 Naval Cover 2004 Cachet Jonesport, Maine It was sent 20 May 2004. A U.S. law enforcement official examines a package of methamphetamines aboard the coastal patrol boat USCGC Sea Otter (WPB 87362) Jan. 5, 2014, at Ballast Point, Calif 140105-G-HR856-001.jpg 7,360 × 4,912; 15.57 MB The 87’ WPB offers many improvements in crew habitability, electronics and sea handling. The California Sea Otter Stranding Network is part of the USGS effort to monitor southern sea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis) and provide data to the U.S. Christening. Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Resources, Non-Tank Vessel Response Plan Requirements, Restricted Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel Endorsements, Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center, National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC), Marine Safety Information Bulletins (MSIB), Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) Humboldt Bay, Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) Los Angeles/Long Beach, Marine Safety Detachment (MSD) Santa Barbara, Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) San Francisco, Marine Safety Detachment (MSD) Humboldt Bay. USCGC Bramble WLB 392, USCGC Firebush WLB 393, USCGC Hornbeam WLB 394, USCGC Iris WLB 395, USCGC Mallow WLB 396, USCGC Mariposa WLB 397, USCGC Redbud WLB 398, USCGC Sagebrush WLB 399, USCGC Salvia WLB 400, USCGC Sassafras WLB 401, USCGC Sedge WLB 402, USCGC Spar WLB 403, USCGC Sundew WLB 404, USCGC Sweetbrier WLB 405, USCGC Woodrush WLB 407 This is a beautiful ship display commemorating the USCGC Sea Otter WPB-87362. Vessel position, logs and particulars for Ship CGC SEA OTTER at, the global ship database. The artwork depicts the USCGC Sea Otter WPB-87362 in all her glory. You can also check the schedule, technical details and many more. This cover is in good, but not perfect condition. It was franked with stamp Flag. USCGC Swordfish (WPB 87358) Ediz Hook Rd Port Angeles, WA 98362 (360) 417-6040. This summary will provide some general information on the new 87 foot Coastal Patrol Boat designed and built for the U.S. Coast Guard.This unique vessel is a multi-mission platform capable of performing Search and Rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement (LE), and Fisheries patrols, as well as drug interdiction and illegal alien interdiction duties up to 200 miles off shore. And to SMEs from the Afloat Training Group for sharing their best practices with us. Media in category "USCGC Sea Otter (WPB-87362)" The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. Marine Protector cutters are lightly armed, with all but the four owned by the US Navy mounting a main armament of a pair of crew-served fifty caliber Browning machine guns, on either side of their foredecks. The Eleventh Coast Guard District consists of four Sectors, two Air Stations, thirteen Small Boat Stations and four Aids to Navigation Teams.