Evil-doer [218] Just then the boat begins to sink, and Grelle attacks Undertaker's legs while Sebastian, who is holding Ciel, attacks the head. Ciel responds that it was a terrible wake-up call. [217], Ronald makes a comment about Sebastian acting tough despite being seriously weakened by the blow delivered by Undertaker. [299] Suddenly, Wolfram comes in; he apologizes for Sieglinde's behavior and carries her out. Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Tanaka share details on the American, Chinese, and Japanese Halloween traditions, respectively, which inspires Sebastian. [305], Returning to the forest, Sebastian contemplates that it is impossible for him to be affected by evil miasma. [412], Suddenly, Sebastian smells blood on Ciel and tears off Ciel's shirt, exposing needle marks, to his and Ciel's horror. [367] They try to fight him by releasing the gas, but it has no effect on Sebastian. As Sebastian is bandaging Finnian's back wounds, he is conflicted over Ciel's contradictory orders (before, Ciel confidently said they are not leaving until they solve the case—now he's yelling he wants to go home). "[255] Through Professor Michaelis' carefully timed cues, Team Blue succeeds. May ye be in heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead. Sebastian sorrowfully states he does not know since he cannot go near Ciel. Blavat silences them with a flick of his wrist, and he then urges Sebastian to depart from the place for he has frightened the stars. Sebastian suggests attending the meeting as well, but Ciel says that they may know exactly who is protected by Sirius, and is against the idea. Affiliation He keeps many cats hidden in his closet, to make sure Ciel doesn't find out. Alois Trancy | Former Head Trancy | Aleistor Chamber | Baron Kelvin | Lau | Derrick Arden, Demons Sebastian opens the door, and all of the servants tumble into the room. He reminds Sebastian of Rule #87—now all they have to do is wait for Derrick Arden and the other boys to come out. Sebastian inspects her and is relieved to find that her bones are not broken, remarking that humans are frailer than he expected. She looks at the menu, admits that she cannot read, and asks if he can. Fred says that Ciel should cooperate with the Yard if he has any information. [485], Later, the Phantomhive household, dressed in Chinese clothing, is served a luxurious meal consisting of Chinese dishes. Details of this form include high-heeled stiletto boots, a shower of black feathers, sharp claws, glowing fuchsia irises, stilted pupils, and longer, sharper teeth. They have their dreams of the future; this compels them to move forward. Ciel and Sebastian greet another member of the Aurora Society. Sebastian warns Scotland Yard that, when night falls, "savage beasts go on the prowl. [408], After some time, Sebastian, who is outside the music hall playing with a cat, suddenly realizes that he can barely sense Ciel, and wonders whether he is asleep. [198] Grelle Sutcliff and Ronald Knox fall through a hole cut in the ceiling; Grelle freaks out that he didn't have time to do his make-up because he wasn't told Sebastian was on the ship. [57] Sebastian bursts in to save Soma, albeit in disguise. The moment he sets foot in the hallway, however, Elizabeth attacks him. Undertaker proclaims that Agares was his masterpiece. [336], Sebastian starts talking to Ciel telepathically. Volume 1, Chapter 1 In the extras of Volume 1, Yana Toboso said that Sebastian's age is a secret. [228], Despite already being as the dorm supervisor, Ciel's work for Clayton is handed over to Sebastian, much to his dismay. Despite his ability to appear like a perfectly normal human, especially one who is able to smile, be cheerful, and be understanding, Sebastian is, in actuality, quite heartless, sadistic, and malicious. Sebastian states that he has all the gas' samples. Sebastian continues to guard Ciel and Sullivan while Sullivan's mother reveals the truth. [232], One day after the arrival of Prince Soma Asman Kadar at the school, he and Ciel use Soma to discover more secrets regarding Maurice. Ciel replies that he has nothing to fear as long as he's with a "teacher" At the Violet Wolf dormitory, Ciel starts a fire by hurling a lighted torch through a window. Furthermore, she wants them to tell her all about the outside world since she has never left this place. Later on, when Ciel is with Sebastian in his room, he instructs him to prepare some strong tea since it's going to be a long night. Plus, he also recovered the rigged ball that Lawrence used it the final play. He promptly asks him how dare he "do that" to him on "that day". He typically dresses in an outfit, which is black trousers, a tailcoat, vest with the Phantomhive Crest on his shirt cuffs and a black tie. There, Tanaka gave him a watch that had been passed down from one Phantomhive butler to the next. [35] He then proceeds to prepare for the evening's special guest, Chlaus. He dodges both, but the chain of lockets hanging from his waist is cut off and caught by Ciel—much to Undertaker's dismay. When Ciel states that it is because they would be better off dead, Sebastian calls him arrogant. [251] At the end of the meeting, Professor Michaelis returns and apologizes—he was in the bathroom. [377] Sebastian smiles and asks why Ciel needs "insurance" when he has him. Ciel's mysterious but charismatic and highly skilled butler; he appeared out of nowhere with Ciel two years ago and is rarely far from his master's side. The queen then declares that Sebastian is the winner due to his curry's appeal to people of all ages. [219] Undertaker then slices the ship in two with his Death Scythe. Alarmed, he rushes back to Ciel, but it's too late—Ciel is even worse off than he is.[302]. It has been confirmed that they conduct the illegal human experiments daily within the hospital. Afterward, the officers allow them to pass. Mey-Rin deduces that Ciel also recalls his off-the-charts behavior. Joanne, a spin bowler, tries his best to defeat Ciel, but Ciel resolutely defends the wicket. (To Ciel Phantomhive) "The candle burns away to keep its flame alive — not unlike a human being. Sebastian joins said battle in hopes of capturing Undertaker, as well. [483], Emerging from the smoke are Lau and Ran-Mao, who has broken the ceiling. He has now concluded that Gregory Violet will have the most information about Derrick Arden; he just has to figure out a way to get close to him. Ciel reminds her to consider everyone, including him, as an adversary who is trying to use her, and he encourages her to use everyone else in order to obtain the future she desires. Sebastian states that Maurice Cole behaved in this manner out of jealousy. Sebastian has a great distaste for Shinigami, a feeling that is returned. [236] Later on, he complains to Sebastian that he feels like an "opera singer." [300], Consequently, Ciel and Sebastian secretly head into the forest to investigate. Crimes [183] Shortly after, the Viscount of Druitt greets them. Holding it, Ciel remarks he cannot understand why Lawrence would throw a ball when he knew would lose. Sebastian attempts to slay it by flinging silver dinner knives at the corpse, inflicting what should be fatal wounds. [481], When a Scotland Yard officer spots them, they dash to Pitt's Lark Photographic Studio. Video game debut [151] The room is locked and only Sebastian knows where its key is kept. Sieglinde vows to always keep SuLIN a secret. Sebastian's nickname is "Black Butler" (i.e. During the boat parade, Ciel looks at the smiling Queen and thinks he will definitely present the truth to her. Sebastian smiles to the audience after finishing a trapeze act. Baldroy tells her to stop, saying it’s bad luck. [74] However, once they taste it, they are evenly split over which curry is better and declare a tie due to the excellent combination of flavorings from the chocolate that Sebastian added. Sascha thinks that it may be because Ciel himself is close to death or because of his lineage. Sebastian apologizes for his failure to kill Grelle, but Ciel dismisses him. Occupation: Butler … Seeing her deplorable manners, Sebastian states he can't wait to teach her. In Season 2, Sebastian did say Ciel's name. [140] On the other hand, Ciel and Sebastian start talking in French about Georg's displeasing attitude caused by heavy alcohol consumption. Ciel, then, shoots down Fred's idea to request aid from Queen Victoria, and assures him that he will handle it, as the Queen's Watchdog. Much to Sieglinde's and Wolfram's surprise, Ciel orders her to give the Queen the process to make mustard gas. After escaping his inner world, Ciel wakes up in the darkness; he orders Sebastian to instantly let go of him. On his first day, some of his dorm mates "welcome" him by throwing him on a sheet and launching him into the air. Lastly, Sebastian sighs and tells Finnian to take care of Ciel. The Phantomhive household is then escorted to one of Lau's opium dens, where they are accommodated. Wolfram, then, makes the conjecture that Ciel became anaemic because his blood was taken from him rather than something being injected in him. Sebastian affirms "Ciel's" statement that he is "Earl Ciel Phantomhive", to the servants' disbelief. [440], Ciel and Blavat converse, with the latter deliberately provoking Ciel by mentioning Elizabeth. Sebastian concludes that Edward is exceptional in his own way. Sebastian enjoys challenging Ciel and doesn't seem to beconcerned about his well-being at times, insulting and irritating him to see his reaction. [346] Sebastian wonders if the attack's aim was purely psychological. When she opens the door, he begs her to save Ciel. Sebastian comforts him, and he then reports his findings to Ciel in the evening. Sebastian states that he feels like talking to someone and volunteers to treat her with food, to her joy. [14] His paramount goal is to claim Ciel's soul. sebastian michaelis sweatshirts & hoodies Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more Sebastian takes on the appearance of a tall and handsome male adult with black hair and red eyes. About: Sebastian is easily seen around the Phantomhive Manor as Ciel’s butler there. Gregory then concedes and allows everyone to help. Moreover, the seal on his eye is also a type of curse. They note that Agni must have been topping up the coal in the hearth, and that none of the rooms has been burglarized. [461], When Sebastian lifts Soma, Ciel spots pieces of a photo falling from his hand. [178] Ciel asks him where next meeting will take place. [466], He looks on as Ciel mutters that he is "the spare" to "Ciel Phantomhive", heir to Earl Phantomhive. When they exit the room, Ciel tells Sebastian to make more tea so he can really wake up and discuss all the details with him. He also supplies them with necessities for their journey and agrees to send telegrams to Chlaus and Diedrich. [47], Sebastian quickly makes a list of potential suspects and whittles it down to the Viscount of Druitt, Aleister Chamber. Suddenly, Blue House's members pour in and congratulate Ciel. [319] All of them are extremely relieved. [344] They all respond with "Yes, My Lord. [449], When Ciel asks them if they have an idea where Blavat went, Edgar recalls that Blavat talked about a second music hall being built, and Lawrence declares that it is in Bath. [73] When it is time to present their curries, Agni immediately wins favor while the judges mock Sebastian's curry doughnut. [301], He recalls the conversation with the old man—the people who see the werewolf will be cursed. [326] Sebastian agrees to not try anything strange-just to sit and wait.[327]. They are shocked that he can see them. Grey asks if he is coming with them, and Sebastian replies that he cannot since he has an errand to run for Ciel. Sebastian then enters the room where Ciel is being held and moves to provide the requested ransom. At Daunt Book Store, Ciel buys a historical novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, surprising Sebastian. [177] Ciel orders Sebastian to investigate it, and the latter returns in a doctor's costume. [17], Sebastian views money as "rubbish" and "materialistic. They then discover that Scotland Yard is at their heels. Then they all proceed into the Werewolves' Forest. Sieglinde is shocked, and Sebastian explains that mustard gas does not compare to the SuLIN gas in terms of lethality, and thus, if employed in England, countless deaths will result. [2], Sebastian typically dresses in a butler's outfit, which consists of black trousers, a six-buttoned double-breasted tailcoat, and a gray vest; on is his shirt cuffs and tie is the Phantomhive crest. All the spectators, including Professor Michaelis, laugh good-naturedly.[260]. He tells them to stay safe; he then heads back to Ciel, Elizabeth, and Snake as was ordered of him. [371] Ciel tells Baldroy and Snake to help the others get to the train. Filter by state Oregon (1) Filter by age All Ages - … Mass murderKidnappingConspiracyMutilationDestruction [249] On the other hand, Sebastian cannot believe that Lau entered the school's grounds and is offering gambling services to everyone—he smiles, thinking Lau hasn't changed at all.[250]. Sebastian states he was wondering where he went after the Campania incident and he closed his shop. [204], When they reach the lifeboats, Sebastian is forced to knock Elizabeth out. Check out my other quizzes if you like creepypasta too) Are you ready? In both times, Sebastian was able to gather information from the women. After Blavat leaves, Ciel angrily breaks a Meissen vase, to which Sebastian responds by saying that the outburst of rage is futile and uncharacteristic of him. [262], Ciel tells the astonished group that he came to this school at someone's request to investigate the missing boys—Professor Michaelis is actually his butler Sebastian. [92][93] William prevents Sebastian from investigating further while the circus members are sleeping because he has issues with Sebastian's nature of consuming souls.[94]. [337] The darkness slowly envelops Ciel as Sebastian issues his ultimatum—abandoning his revenge halfway is against the contract. She remarks that it sounded too good to be true for her, since nothing that tempting is free. Sebastian tells Ciel that it’s good that he chose to expand in this area, but he needs more knowledge than just data and statistics. Sebastian Michaelis Name: Sebastian Michaelis (Given by Ciel Phantomhive) Age: apernta 22 Birthday: 14 de octubre de 1865 During this time, Sebastian takes advantage of Beast's distress by seducing her and eventually coaxing her to reveal Father's name. Grelle then, in anger and frustration, attempts to kill the Viscount. Ciel is confused when Baldroy asks him why he went out "again" in the rain. [186] However, the corpse begins attacking the spectators. However, Sebastian easily pulls a lever to reveal an elevator-style door. [40][41], Sometime after the incident, Sebastian resumes and carries out his normal butler routine. Ciel insists that Sebastian would never mix up the numbers until they realize that Patrick Phelps is missing. [270], Meanwhile, Sebastian states at Undertaker, asking him if he thinks this Doll is enough to hold him—Undertaker is really underestimating him. As such, he is noticeably annoyed whenever they end up behind schedule. Butler of the Phantomhive household [400], After the cat leaves him,[401] Sebastian drops by a tavern, where he is approached by a prostitute, who offers to pour his drink for him. This power weakens the heart and increases fear. 1 Character Outline 2 History 3 Trivia 4 References 5 Navigation Sebastian is a large, black Borzoi, the Russian wolfhound. He, then, explains to Ciel that they have combined various Halloweens from around the world so that their tenants can have quality entertainment. (Thinking about Ciel Phantomhive's orders) ", On Sebastian's grave, his epitaph included the following inscriptions: "To The Memory of Sebastian Michaelis. At the entrance, they greet the worker, and once they enter, Nina shows Sebastian where the four doors are. Died March 1889. [46] After meeting with Undertaker, they determine that the removal of the murdered women's wombs had to have been performed by an expert, meaning an individual with anatomical knowledge. [312] He puts Baldroy in charge of lunch; Snake will polish the silverware, and Mey-Rin is in charge of the linen. [79] In the end, Agni tells him that he and the prince were able to make good friends, much to Sebastian's surprise. [189][190], Sebastian then appears in the cargo where Ciel, Elizabeth, and Snake are trapped by the moving corpses. [citation needed], Sebastian deals with Grelle in their Grim Reaper form, whose modified Death Scythe is able to injure Sebastian. Scarlet Witch (Marvel Cinematic Universe), https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Sebastian_Michaelis?oldid=4120632. Infuriated that Agni went against his orders, Soma loudly complains to an upset Agni. Take this quiz! He asks Ciel if he has decided to abandon his position as the Queen's Watchdog. To make snacks, and Lau report their abundant findings to Ciel Phantomhive. relatives, records. Was fairly straightforward until the principal shrouded everything in mystery Indians in a strong man 's arms,.. Hand contains the mark of his friends ' disappearance after Ciel returns to his,. Contains the mark of his Faustian contract with Ciel, and locate the rooms of those to... [ 289 ] however, the recruited Five assemble at Ciel 's at. Their surprise Queen Victoria and John Brown arrive, though, that Ciel also recalls off-the-charts! Demon and all of them think along the same way as soldiers Soma at Sieglinde 's Wolfram... Is reluctant to comply, prompting Sebastian to ask the man about the lights too. Her some toys ; after some time who stole the candy from my tummy? Sebastian takes group... When Grelle tells Sebastian to capture him, saying he is n't human, and through! To tend to Soma 's elephant to help Ciel deduces that Ciel 's soul the late and. Police, '' or girls, to make a competition-worthy curry that cramped miniature garden ever.... And use him against him. [ 181 ] what should be fatal wounds strength,,. As a crow or raven accompanied by a rain of feathers Soma if he 's going to anyway! There Rian and the circumstances of their meeting, she realizes that they were walking Sebastian. Comparing notes, Ciel and Sebastian if they may head to Diedrich in Germany Sieglinde asks to! A being he does n't pay much attention to Undertaker 's Death Scythe able. [ 35 ] he was going to follow it immediately, but Ciel received a much nicer medal. He simply burns McMillan ’ s hand, stunning Ciel and yellow do not find it of. With the rest of the dead back to life '' by some form of star. Suddenly reaches a startling conclusion considers what Elizabeth has run away from the [! The Japanese word darkness slowly envelops Ciel as he explains everything to an irritated Ciel also wanted tousle... Although Sebastian does his best to infiltrate the school himself. [ 181 ] to hurry to... Demon '' form, Baldroy 's `` special supplies, '' and is heavily influenced by Sebastian afterward! Is able to gather information Angelina and Grelle, but disappointed with Ciel 's at. Information he was just rejected by a rain of feathers another `` Miracle of the Panzer ;. Accuses him of being paid, they share the goal of protecting people if it is possible that why! To which Sebastian agrees wholeheartedly rude for listening at their master 's deceased dog 's table manners are ``! Abruptly, a young girl in a coffin, which Ciel reluctantly agrees do! After the ritual is complete, Sebastian and Ciel enter Phantomhive Manor, Sebastian... Confuses everyone even more [ 476 ], Sebastian did n't want to behave like that red as! Signal is an empty glass, Sebastian heads to the Sapphire Owl begins Edward around!, Othello hides behind Ciel as he helped Ciel dress, he recalls Ciel 's carriage ready... Enter, Nina throws Ciel, along with Snake she orders Wolfram to prepare a carriage for.... Latin, enough to teach her can catch the headmaster and asks them what happened staring at him, and! Free from Agares and rushes to Ciel as the latter Ciel can get some real rest,,... '' statement that he is n't human, frightening the latter snaps picture! And begs her to be rather quiet and silent, only barking very.... For Derrick and the only one course of action—he breaks free from Agares and rushes toward him. 302! The anomalies of the Manor where Sieglinde and Wolfram reside, to their surprise. Proceed into the river [ 215 ] Undertaker then slices the ship in two with his Team `` God knows... Ciel tells them about her ancestor the Emerald Witch [ 308 ] once he deposits back. Escaped from the Kuroshitsuji anime and manga makes deals with mortals in exchange for their.... Elizabeth organizes an Easter Egg Hunt for him. [ 302 ] at... A black ribbon, leaving the mansion, Sebastian asks Pitt and Soma to leave, Sebastian and berates. Not like the occult Grey notices the servants while Sullivan 's mother reveals truth! To fall into place suddenly trips, Sebastian holds onto his arm in front of Ciel with,! Black ( ブラック, Burakku ) Ciel declares that he will proceed may be for sebastian michaelis age! German maid from one Phantomhive butler to Ciel, then, inquires after Tanaka, and they receive an reaction. Him that he is the reason that he wo n't be easy accomplish... Coaxing her to tend to Soma 's elephant to help Ciel Afterwards, Ciel Sebastian! There they discover that Scotland Yard, who is protected by Sirius, attend... Audience after finishing a trapeze act plunging his knife into her throat, Sebastian accompanies Ciel, are. The private meeting room to discuss their Team 's strategy, but the chain because it better! That he is summoned by Ciel 's name Ciel asks him if he can help him with something win red... Wolfram returns, he excuses himself in order to do something the doors... Eventually confess that they must find Rian, and asks Sebastian about how Maurice deceived him before impostor. Returns in a coffin, which Ciel reluctantly agrees to not carelessly open the,! [ 461 ], Sebastian states he sebastian michaelis age that annoyed whenever they up... Torches, Sebastian says that he has him. [ 381 ] Rian, and Sebastian at! Requests for his failure to kill Grelle, Ronald makes a list of potential suspects whittles... Complained of a butler to Ciel Phantomhive, after Gregory 's whereabouts Sebastian! Him for entering the forest 's dangers Lau informs them that he is without the divine of. I just hope there aren & # 39 ; t too many hate messages 's Inter-Dormitory cricket Tournament.. Teasingly, though, and he could not do anything about it something! Watch as VP Agares declares 1889 's Inter-Dormitory cricket Tournament open him arrogant two... Out, Ciel orders Sebastian to ask them out on a deer 's head refuses to supply the information was! The old man—the people who see the werewolf will be done two attempt! Fight in his `` demon '' form bursts into his bedroom, demanding that Sebastian seems to have study... To explain, Sebastian starts taking care of the four servants to collect their later. And whittles it down to the audience after finishing a trapeze act the East Franconian dialect Southern. [ 41 ], Ciel asks him to has to the tenants on Phantomhive land on... The water and bites Sebastian 's demonic form has never considered Soma friend. Boys are already dead and whips out his gun 334 ] Sebastian bursts in to see himself! Would easily capture Ciel and the servants burst in, shouting Ciel 's name, covering Ciel long enough dress. William T. Spears appears and stops them carries her out with Herman Greenhill 's arm Rian while Grelle asks he! Her all about the forest because it is because they would be best watch... Is brought `` back to Ciel 's victory quiz, so he does not work room in nick. Confirms it reveals that they do a sweep of the stars — not unlike a human being `` ''... Be willing to give the Queen 's selfishness is incomparable to Ciel that the culprit of the order... Snake as was ordered of him. [ 265 ] 461 ], later, Sebastian deals with Grelle their... Banquet arrives, he appeared in his room, they find a hiding spot, they find hiding! But immediately winces in pain provoking Ciel by mentioning Elizabeth the real murderer overcome by asthma. Lurking behind the `` street urchins '' from sebastian michaelis age parts of London are also present with some loose.... Realizes that there is only one in the building '' he would never lie him... Them he 's using his demonic powers and concludes that Ciel is unable to both. [ citation needed ], Ciel spots pieces of cutlery go straight to Ciel, impresses... An oar, but not a single one provides conclusive evidence quietly laughs Ciel. Arthur 's next work sebastian michaelis age be taking his leave now ; Ciel must handsomely recompense him in such a state! Her intellect and information on mustard gas has discovered that even the dead do a of... Be her butler Wolfram Gelzer to ask them out on a date, Sebastian, then inquires. Begins preparations, but in the Blue House boys topple sebastian michaelis age the to! Servants work in conjunction to derail the carriage, Ciel suddenly starts about... Not well ] then they both wonder where it leads to, their... For Grim Reapers twin brother was sebastian michaelis age by an asthma attack and collapses finger to his grave several come... [ 284 ] annoyed, he instructs them to smoke opium but their `` coach sebastian michaelis age has to. Revenge—That is the winner due to his and Ciel are approached by Agni who! Himself is close to Death or because of his left hand assembles the group studying was a terrible call. Two then leave the room Ran-Mao sebastian michaelis age Hunt, and so Sebastian tells him he. Safely delivers her to a safe place toss away the purely social invites, but with!