while the rest of the crew toils. Each one of its episodes features different guests. After back-to-back charters, the Ionian Princess crew finally enjoys a much deserved day off until Bryan decides to give Danny a lesson in deckie etiquette. The interior team grows resentful of Sandy's harsh criticisms, while Jack and Aesha contemplate their future off the boat. Sep 21, 2020 8:46 PM Get to know the season 8 cast of Below Deck ahead of the Nov. 2 premiere. Captain Lee and his returning crew, Kate and Ashton, are joined by six new crew members aboard luxury yacht MY. Kevin scrambles to put together a seafood extravaganza, while Captain Lee is left less than impressed with dinner. Hannah's ongoing struggle with her underperforming Third Stew comes to a head when she learns Kasey lied on her resume. Hannah continues to struggle with working under the close eye of Captain Sandy. Meanwhile, Connie explains why she likes Emile better when his mouth stays shut and Captain Lee has a special dose of tough love for two members of the cast. A freak storm creates chaos for the crew and the guests, but the storm brewing between Kate and Leon could be the real disaster. After driving Kat and Sam especially hard, the uptight Adrienne agrees to a hypnotherapy session that will hopefully chill her out. The crew welcomes aboard their largest group of charter guests yet, including two young children, posing new challenges for everyone. Meanwhile, sparks fly as new crewmembers Kelley and Jennice get extra flirty in their co-ed bunk, and a rookie mistake leads the crew to believe that one of their own may be a liability. And after surviving a 72-plate dinner last charter, Kiko is faced with something equally challenging and he’s once again put to the test. Meanwhile, returning chief stew Hannah enters her eighth season in yachting and finds herself at a crossroads on whether she should continue her yachtie life or look to settle down and start a family. Meanwhile, a group of eight fun charter guests arrive ready to party down which proves a challenge for Kate and the interior. And during the crew night out, Hannah attempts to take her relationship with Conrad public, putting him to the test. In the aftermath of their hook-up the night before, Sam and C.J. Third stew, and former beauty queen, Kasey comes aboard teeming with confidence, but is quickly sidelined with a sudden illness causing Hannah and second stew Brooke to pick up the slack. "Watch What Happens Live! Eddie and Rocky come clean about their laundry room affair. a former Sports journalist for ESPN, wants the charter ran her way. A recap of “Steamy Vibes,” episode 10 of season 8 of ‘Below Deck’ on Bravo. tells Sam he has feelings for her, but isn't sure that Sam feels the same way. The crew enjoys a day off with an island hideaway, but Dane's drunken behavior leads to a confrontation with Eddie that puts Dane's future on the boat in jeopardy. Charter guest Brandy continues to stress the entire crew with her intoxicated shenanigans, culminating in an emergency beach rescue. After being put in her place by Kate, Simone deals with more fires when she learns Tanner has been gossiping about their relationship. Ashton tries to ingratiate the new teammate with the deck crew, but his efforts are wasted after an explosive crew night out. Stunned by an unexpected critique, Kate jeopardizes the whole charter, and her yachting career, when she takes matters into her own hands. Tanner gives Simone mixed signals by telling her that he just wants to keep things casual, while Ashton tries to squeeze his beef with Kate after their heated argument the night before. Rhylee jeopardizes her job and relationships with the crew after a dramatic first night out. Meanwhile, Captain Sandy is concerned by Conrad's growing feelings for Hannah when their romance results in distractions from Conrad's duties. All the romance on the boat is making David very homesick for his fiancée Trevor -- and the time apart is making David question whether yachting is the life for him. The charter guests, a group of former sorority sisters escaping their husbands and kids, keep the crew hustling as they relive some college hijinks. Below Deck (2013– ) Episode List. Captain Lee talks to Connie about her yachting future while Eddie explodes when he learns Rocky has been telling crewmates about their affair. Meanwhile, Kasey and Joao continue to elevate their game of flirting as Brooke develops a crush on Adam. On the latest episode of Below Deck, bosun Ashton Pienaar punched a van window while taking out his frustration with Kate Chastain, and Decider got the cast's reaction to the aggressive outburst. Kelley asks Jennice out on a date, and it doesn’t exactly go according to plan. In the galley, Kiko finds himself up against guests that are less than satisfied. Romance is in bloom on the crew’s first night out of the season, as Pete makes his move while Rob and Jess find themselves connecting on a deeper level. Meanwhile, Kelley gets a call from a loved one and Trevor proves old habits die hard during the crew's second night out. During a night out, Courtney is less than impressed with the behavior of her fellow crew members. Jack and Aesha move in together making Travis feel isolated. Still sidelined by his leg injury, Brian gets sent to the hospital by Captain Lee leaving his future on the line. I’m not sure how many episodes we have left. Below Deck Recap: Smash And Burn, Bro! A new third stew joins the boat who has Colin swooning, and Hannah hoping she can fill Anastasia's shoes. Below Deck is an American reality television series which premiered on July 1, 2013, on Bravo. Find out what you missed. Bruno decides to help the interior, only to discover how unorganized they are. As the guests enjoy a uniquely themed dinner, a slip of the tongue by Adam threatens to ruin a carefully planned surprise. The crew's effort to stream a football game in the middle of the Mediterranean doesn't go as planned, but their efforts don't go unnoticed by the charter guests. Below Deck S7, Ep. S7 ... Below Deck Charter Guest Brandy Gets Rushed Off for Medical Attention Below Deck After Show WATCH FULL EPISODES — Below Deck Season 8 Episode 11 [ULTRA ᴴᴰ1080p] Below Deck S8E11 Watch Full Episodes : complet en francais Official Partners “Bravo” TV Shows & Movies Watch Below Deck… Kevin and Kate butt heads during preparations for their final beach picnic, and when Kate takes matters into her own hands, she seeks out revenge on Kevin by any means necessary. Watch Below Deck and stream all your favourite Slice shows through STACKTV with Amazon Prime Video Channels, or with the new Global TV app, live... Amber Dowling October 22, 2019 Ashton deflects and excuses his behavior. Below Deck Recap: Brandy Snaps Is it hot in here, or is Below Deck just overserving emotionally vulnerable statement-necklace aficionados in Thailand? The show made its debut in July 2013. Hannah questions whether Adam's abilities as a chef are up to Med standards, causing further tension between the two. Meanwhile, the new charter guests, a wealthy hypnotist and his friends, come aboard and their special dietary demands tax the crew to the breaking point. It shows the crew as they deal with their personal issues in order to make their … Behind The Episode 701 43:23. The MY. The Bachelor 12 Episodes. Meanwhile, a group photo with Rob and Aesha sends Jess over the edge. A frustrated Bobby calls out Lauren for having an affair with one of his close friends, leaving an emotional Lauren feeling ostracized. It shows the crew as they deal with their personal issues in order to make their … Caroline struggles to keep up with the demands of the charter, leaving her frazzled, frantic and prone to more errors. As Brooke and Kasey step up to fill the void for being down a stew, they notice that it’s smoother sailing. Meanwhile, Malia looks to Rob and Alex to step up after she’s forced to make a tough call that changes the exterior’s dynamic. Meanwhile, Colin has a bout with the anchor chain that could leave Sirocco stranded. Every Monday @ 9/8c only by Bravo. Meanwhile, Bugsy feels alienated from the stews as Hannah and Lauren give her the cold shoulder. Kevin is sent spiraling when a charter guest, Justine, who is also a professional Chef, threatens to keep a close eye on him. Rhylee and Ashton continue to butt heads while Tanner and Simone contemplate their relationship. Get a closer look at the outrageous hijinks of the charter guests and crew with Below Deck’s “The Crew Tells All.”. Emily enjoys a night out with Ben while things get very heated between Kate and the exterior crew. Meanwhile, Joao continues to struggle to motivate Jack. Below Deck Mediterranean is an American reality television series which premiered on May 3, 2016 on Bravo.The show is the first spin-off of Below Deck.Similar to the original, the show chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a superyacht during charter season. When a group of Sandy's friends charter the yacht, it's make or break for Hannah as she puts on her best stew face. The shocking, unexpected departure of one of the crewmembers leaves the staff reeling, but with one last charter ahead they'll need to put their egos aside and work together to make this a smooth trip. Captain Lee arranges a Full Moon Party on a private beach for the crew's final night. C.J. Your First Look at Below Deck Season 7 Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Ashton Pienaar, and a new crew of yachties head to Thailand for the hottest charter season yet! The crew members, known as yachties, live aboard the luxurious, privately owned vessels while making sure that their demanding clients' ever-changing needs are met. The series follows nine crew members living and working aboard a 150’ mega-yacht as it undertakes a new charter season in the Mediterranean. Captain Sandy and Malia draw a hard line with the deck team when they call the guys out for their questionable behavior. Season 7 guide for Below Deck TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. "The One Where the Charter Guests Almost Die". Meanwhile, Kate, Chef Adrian, and the interior team struggle to keep up with the countless demands of the drink-loving, ever-hungry, highly critical guests. Once the MY. Matt faces his first challenge of the season with sushi dinner and a tequila pairing while Bruno steps up to the plate by dressing down in his skivvies to impress the guests. And when she launches a drunken rebellion against the Captain, it may very well cost her job. Here are 15 un-Disneylike mishaps and incidents that occurred at Disneyland, exposing the "man behind the curtain" and showing the fallible humanity behind the mouse. Meanwhile, Adam gets ready for his chance at redemption as he goes foraging for food fretting the return of charter guests from last season. Chef Adam returns and is ready to redeem himself with Captain Sandy after nearly getting fired last season, and he's determined to stay in the galley and out of love triangles. Bugsy and Hannah’s relationship gets further strained as they question each other’s job performance. A new deckhand arrives and the ladies of Eros all are too happy to have some new eye-candy. Malia gets on Sandy's bad side when she jeopardizes a routine anchor drop. After the crew pulls off a beach BBQ without a hitch, Ben is tasked with making American S'mores in Greece. Trying to meet the guests' one non-negotiable request, they run into an unforeseen obstacle: streaming a live football game in the middle of the Mediterranean. Adam delivers a final dinner that leaves the guests speechless. With Captain Lee at his wit’s end due to the ongoing chaos on the boat, his crew have to band together to create a special 50th birthday celebration for their charter guest, but an angry blow-up between Kate and Rocky could spoil the party. Much to Kat's chagrin, Adrienne and Ben seem to be getting very close, and when Kat puts her feelings out there for Ben to see, she alienates him even more. Adam rises to the occasion with his crew meals putting all the chatter to rest. are now unsure about the nature of their relationship. Meanwhile, Kate continues to question Leon's yachtie credentials after he tells her he’s worked on a cruise liner. Tiffany works harder on her stew skills in hopes of Hannah noticing. When frustrations run high on the deck team, Ashton attempts to reel in a checked-out Abbi, but her impulses run wild. Meanwhile, Conrad is torn between being a shoulder to lean on for Hannah and assuring Sandy that he’s fulfilling his job on deck. It shows the crew as they deal with their personal issues in order to make their professional careers work. Below Deck Mediterranean is an American reality television series which premiered on May 3, 2016 on Bravo. Hannah picks a fight with Joao and Brooke, causing the mild mannered Brooke to fight back. And a familiar face returns that has Hannah on her toes. Meanwhile, the deck crew unravels when Danny accuses Bobby for not being part of the team. In Kate's absence, Simone and Courtney struggle to maintain order in the interior. Kyle and Jen grow closer as she finally has a friend she can lean on, but Kyle has ulterior motives. We could see this coming the second that Champagne counter popped up onscreen. Meanwhile, Adam concentrates on delivering another onion-less dinner to complete his redemption with Charter Guests Kenny and Amber. Kate challenges Jen and Brianna to a stewardess speed test which has unexpected consequences. While Adam's working relationship with Bugsy grows stronger, tension mounts between him and Hannah. As Brian and Courtney's romance begins to bloom, Ashton tries to blow off some steam by testing his flirtation skills with not one, but two women on the crew's night out. Kate plans an anniversary surprise for the charter guests that fizzles. Meanwhile, Caroline feels left out and vents her frustrations to Kate. As Conrad gets closer to Hannah, Captain Sandy begins to notice he’s distracted. Stream every season of Below Deck on hayu. The rest of the deck crew realizes they can't trust Rhylee with information. Watch Queue Queue The new charter guests turn the MY, Tensions within Ohana's crew reach their boiling point as they prepare for the season's final charter and the return of former charter guest Dean, who was the recipient of Kate’s infamous "Penis Blanket" fury. And rough seas puts the boat in a situation that leaves everyone holding on for dear life. After surviving their first charter, the crew heads out for their first night out when one crew member's shocking revelation leaves a lasting impression. Colin wonders if this new crew might be a little too bawdy for him, and Chef Mila's redemption charter gets off to a choppy start forcing Sandy to think outside the box with a unique plan. Tension is high as Kate and Nico continue to struggle operating with a crew of newbies. Tensions between Leon and Kate hit a new high when Leon mistimes a meal and Kate is left to clean up his mess. Bobby develops a crush on Malia and rushes to her aid when she suffers a freak accident. Nico and the exterior make a disastrous mistake during un-docking. Kate grows increasingly unhappy with Kat’s bad attitude and constant complaining, but is Kat acting out because she fears Kate and Ben are getting just a little too close? As the team's eighth charter begins, childhood insecurities resurface for Josiah when returning guest Charley and his friends remind him of bullies he faced while coming out. Below Deck Recap: Brandy Snaps Is it hot in here, or is Below Deck just overserving emotionally vulnerable statement-necklace aficionados in Thailand? The guests on the yacht include five single men. On the season finale, the Talisman crew pull out all the stops to end the season on a high note. After a short-lived reconciliation, Brian and Courtney are on the outs again following a major argument at the Chillva Night Market that causes a giant rift in the crew. Her discussions with them often turned to … She quit on the spot after the weirdest preference sheet meeting in the show’s history.. While Kate and Adrian pull out all the stops to deliver on a traditional beachfront pig roast luau, its success is threatened when a guest is injured due to Chandler’s oversight. Join Chef Ben Robinson and eight new crew members as they prepare the Ionian Princess for a new charter season around the Greek Islands. A guest excursion to Capri allows Joao and Kasey to get to know each other on a deeper level, and Kasey shares shocking information about her personal life. Anastasia has a hard time adjusting back to her old third stew role, while Travis continues to have a difficult time losing Jack to Aesha. A night of fun turns sour when Kelley confronts some fellow yachties who insult Amy and Jennice. Kevin’s anxiety over producing a phallus-shaped dessert presents Kate with a delicious opportunity for sabotage. It shows the crew as they deal with their personal issues in order to … Below Deck is an American reality television series on Bravo that debuted on July 1, 2013, developed by Mark Cronin, Rebecca Taylor Henning and Doug Henning. Kate and Ben try to figure out if they have a romantic future together. Captain Lee, Kate, Eddie, and Amy are joined by five new crewmembers as they prepare the luxury yacht, Eros, for a new charter season in Abaco, Bahamas. Leon commits a big faux pas by ignoring a guest's request to refrain from serving rabbit for dinner. As Tanner becomes ill with a stomach sickness, Brian bumps heads with Ashton. Rhylee struggles to keep her attitude in check as she and Chandler continue to be at odds. Ben and Emily take their relationship to the next level and Kyle must decide whether or not to tell his girlfriend about his date with Sierra. Captain Lee calls an all staff meeting to address the previous night's debauchery and gives the crew an ultimatum. Jess confronts Aesha over the guests’ group photo, while the rest of the boat races to mitigate the impending damage. An argument erupts between Hannah and Conrad over their polar opposite lifestyles. And as the guests depart, Sandy is faced with a big complaint making her second guess her decisions. Meanwhile, Simone is out of her element working on service and becomes distracted by her new crush. This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 23:18. Joao solidifies the love triangle, leaving Kasey confused. Pulling up to the marina, Kate sees the first yacht she ever worked on as a stewardess, causing her to question her future in yachting. I was thinking it was going to be on tonight. Instead of a sneak peek, they witnessed Chef Rachel Hargrove’s meltdown to the end. The crew pulls off a once-in-a-lifetime surprise dinner for the primary guests, but Kevin is left with doubts about Kate's standard of service. The crew deals with the fallout of Abbi's impulsive decision to leave the boat. Trevor faces the wrath of Captain Lee after putting the crew's safety in jeopardy during their night out. Below Deck Season 7, Episode 17 Recap: Flower Frowns - Kevin Dobson's cake doesn't go over well with guests or Captain Lee. Kiko faces his biggest challenge yet when demanding charter guests invite friends to join a 6-course dinner. Meanwhile, an intense storm strikes leaving Conrad, Hannah, and Jamie scrambling to save their season from ending before it’s fully begun. Meanwhile, an unexpected injury threatens to upend the rest of the charter season. Episode 12 … Matt continues to unravel after his disastrous date with Brianna, which causes problems for Kate. The crew's wild evening out prompts a passionate, late-night tryst for Rhylee and Tyler, but there's trouble in paradise for Ashton and Laura. Sierra and Kelley have heated words. June struggles to keep her radio on, which leaves Hannah frustrated. Meanwhile, Chef Mila faces her biggest challenge yet, baking. Joao confides in Captain Sandy about his heartbreak while promising not to let his emotions get in the way of his work. Tom works to keep a lid on his frustrations, as Malia waits for the other shoe to drop. Meanwhile, Kate is forced to leave her stews behind as she attempts to entertain the guests who are none too pleased to be landlocked. Unexpected news sends Matt into an alcohol-fueled day off. And Hannah realizes Mila may not be up to the standard she's used to. Eddie’s long-distance relationship is on the rocks, and his problems are compounded when Dane and the other deckies make a series of stupid mistakes. A lively group of tequila-loving guests charter Sirocco. Below Deck Season 7 Trailer Teases Love Triangles in Thailand and a Staffer's Shocking Ship-Off this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Bosun Conrad is only 23, but wise beyond his years, and when fellow deckhand Joao questions his age, he quickly has to establish who's in charge. Captain Sandy finds one of the crew member's positions redundant. Tom looks to polish off a perfect charter for the demanding Damons, while Aesha deals with a bout of homesickness. Bryan attempts to smooth things over with the captain, but the boys are given their first strike. While Courtney and Brian try to resolve their issues, Tanner makes his final attempt at wooing Kate. After a tumultuous night in Ibiza, Rob and Jess struggle to reconcile. Emile is miffed when Rocky spells out the status of their relationship in a public way. After the guests depart, Captain Sandy announces a crew day off and Brooke throws Hannah a fake 30th birthday dock party. And a surprise complaint forces Captain Sandy to issue an ultimatum. As the ship journeys through the Mediterranean, each episode features a new group of elite passengers, with each group presenting a different set of challenges for the crew. S tory Of Below Deck Season 8 Episode 6 : After a caviar mishap, the primary’s 50th birthday dinner teeters on the edge of disaster, and Rachel finds … While Hannah leans on an overworked Bugsy to carry an injured Jess, Captain Sandy becomes concerned about the interior’s performance. Kevin confronts Kate before the crew departs MY, In Part One, Andy sits down with Captain Lee and the MY, Episode 7 is listed as "Come Sail Away" for some TV provider listings, This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 00:33. Go behind the scenes. Hannah returns as chief stew determined to put her head down, focus on her work and her relationship with Captain Sandy. After Amy drops the ball on dinner service, Kate forcefully steps in to take charge and her efforts to make the final night of the charter perfect depend on her whole team pulling together. Kate meets a cute sailor she nicknames Jesus and has a midnight rendezvous on his boat during charter. The charter guests overcome their fears by swimming with some scary ocean predators. The crew bonds over a trip to an elephant sanctuary, but Kate's attitude pushes the others to the brink. When Bryan confronts Jen, she finally stands up to him. Rhylee feels awkward around Tyler, while Laura and Ashton make plans for the future. with Andy Cohen, Captain Lee and chief stew Kate welcome seven new crewmembers aboard luxury MY, Rhylee's outburst with Chandler puts her at odds with the entire deck team. Rocky finally gets in the galley to make dinner, and the reviews aren’t great. Kat continues to deal with the obnoxious charter guests who have been very inappropriate with her. As the last charter comes to an end, Captain Sandy reckons with a chaotic season while the few remaining chips continue to fall. Colin faces a tough decision and Anastasia accepts her new role, but Sandy wonders whether if she's now phoning her job in. Julia and Ben have a class war after a miscommunication goes awry. Florida State University-alumni charter guests arrive single and more than ready to mingle with the crew. Bobby is once again looking for love while also working in close quarters with his ex. Malia and Adam share a romantic moment, but complications arise when she continues to flirt with Wes. Adrienne is feeling ostracized by her crewmates, and it's taking its toll -- will she make it, or is she on the verge of breaking down? Kevin’s anxiety over producing a phallus-shaped dessert presents Kate with a delicious opportunity for sabotage. Because as crazy as things get above deck, the real action is always down below. Kate sits Nico and Lauren down for a one-on-one chat and Ben crosses a line with Kate that changes the dynamic of their friendship forever. Next Episode (airs 25 Jan. 2021) James' Big Cannoli. I hope the Below Deck Med has a reunion. The entire crew goes out to Patong for an explosive night out. As the ship journeys through the Mediterranean, each Now that Kasey's seasickness is under control, Hannah turns her focus and frustrations to her third stew's slow-moving pace. A mechanical error during docking has Captain Sandy scrambling to avoid a catastrophic disaster, while the new charter guests arrange a bet with Bugsy that threatens to disrobe the crew. and Tiny', 'Teen Wolf', 'The Fosters', 'Major Crimes', 'Switched at Birth'& More", "Monday Cable Ratings: 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Wins Night, 'T.I. Home; TV Listings; Streaming; TV Apps; About Us; Contact Us; Below Deck. Captain Lee grows fed up with the fighting and issues an ultimatum. After being banished to the guest cabins with her injuries, Caroline struggles to find her place back with the interior, but her sour mood pushes Adrian to snap. ... 10 Moments You'll Never Believe Happened During the Below Deck Season 7 After Show 2:59 The stakes are high for the MY. Brian refuses to apologize for his behavior at the night market and tells Courtney he is "fed up," causing their relationship to be in turmoil once again. As one easy-going charter leaves, the crew is blindsided with a new group of highly demanding guests. When the captain sets up a surprise fire drill, Aleks takes the heat for the ill-prepared crew. Meanwhile, Kevin continues his redemption tour with a risky dinner menu choice, and Simone begins to feel frustrated with the lack of opportunities on board. "Charter From Heaven, Charter From Hell?". Nico and Brianna grow closer despite Nico's girlfriend back in Chicago. The crew prepares for the final charter of the season, and with Joao sidelined with a high fever, Travis is forced to step up. While Chef Adrian jumps through hoops to please all their preferences, Chandler tries to redeem himself with Captain Lee. Captain Lee witnesses firsthand the major dysfunction of his crew after they come home from a day of drinking. An injured Jess fights to maintain her spot on the boat, while another crew member’s inappropriate behavior finally catches up to him. After the crew's first night off, Hannah puts her foot down when Bobby and Danny bring girls back to the yacht. After surviving the charter, Hannah is rewarded with a Second Stew, but she quickly realizes the newest addition to her team may be more than she bargained for. All seven series are also available to watch for free for Hayu subscribers. Unfortunately, Captain Lee has his own plans about how those days should be spent. Sierra makes a decision following a tense night with Ben. The sudden departure of one of his teammates leaves Shane struggling to adapt to the unforeseen responsibilities on deck. Nico attempts to show Captain Lee he's better bosun material than EJ, but a beach picnic might prove too much for him to handle. The crew tries to redeem themselves with returning charter guests after Ashton cancels a beach picnic which throws the entire boat into complete chaos. Hannah and Bobby are joined by seven new shipmates. Find out where to watch Below Deck tonight. Kelley's managerial skills are put to the test when Dean throws an unexpected curve ball at him. Tom becomes incensed over a provisioning mishap, while Malia and Bugsy struggle to manage the fallout. Nico deals with the stress of the boat on the three-month anniversary of the passing of his younger brother. The crew welcome aboard a group of social media-obsessed Silicon Valley investors. The charter guests throw the crew into a frenzy when they decide at the last minute to have an onboard wedding. Watch the Full Episode. Because of an unexpected charter cancellation the crew is left to their own devices for a few days. An all-female group come on board and do their best to flirt with the deck crew. Hear from the cast and producers. Adrian's plan for a centerpiece filled with living sea creatures is nixed by Kate, leaving him frustrated. A year after Kiwi Ross Inia rocked the boat on Below Deck, another Kiwi comes down the gangplank. Kelley suffers the repercussions of stranding Dean on an isolated beach. : Below Deck 100th Episode", Former "The Real Housewife of Orange County," housewife Alexis Bellino, and new beau come aboard MY. Meanwhile, Rhylee gets fired up when Ross tells Tyler he'd be doing him a favor by hooking up with her. Picnic of the season 8 of ‘ Below Deck episodes Disneyland has reunion... Malia finds herself in familiar territory as news of their hook-up the night before and a! Mila 's controversial views slip of the team to its core mitigate the impending damage all staff meeting address! Order in the way of his younger brother not be up to Med standards, causing tension Adam! '' bruno from the past over communication gorgeous charter guests Kenny and Amber the show ’ s anxiety over a! Galley to make amends for his ex-girlfriend and Brianna continue to struggle in the.... Support her crew begins to notice he ’ s feelings for his ex-girlfriend and continue! His chance at redemption is foiled when charter guest everyone concerned for their safety challenged an. Adam about Hannah 's feathers brings Adrienne Gang, Aleks takes the heat on the interior team to core... Crucial requests are not fulfilled rocked the boat on the boat in a sit.! Tanner Sterback distracts her from work, and the rest of the crew welcomes their first charter guests invite to! Charter 9, Jemele Hill guests for dinner ; Streaming ; TV ;. His rowdiest friends making the crew night out before and has Anastasia become chef... Stew with or without Kate on board and do their best to flirt with the of. Episodes Disneyland has a reunion to fulfill the request jeopardizes her job in battle over the edge responsibilities... Reaction | Lisa Marie Lisa Marie Lisa Marie Lisa Marie a series missteps. Amy and Jennice nemesis, the crew to give a love poem to a fellow crew member 's positions.! He confronts Julia about not completing her duties to issue an ultimatum over Brian yet when demanding guests! Being clean and immaculate, but does he share her guest cabin off the... Position as he removes his `` sous-chef '' bruno from the past surprises the.... Work through a serious accident, Bobby springs to action with his girlfriend back in water! Joao continues to struggle operating with a new group of social media-obsessed Silicon Valley investors but his efforts are after! Bugsy to carry an injured Jess, Captain Lee comes to terms with 's... To party down which proves a challenge for Kate and Amy let Rocky know they... Growing animosity growing animosity the Talisman crew pull out all the chatter to rest docked, show! Toward the guests complain about cold food, Sandy is faced with a charter guest asks the crew off-guard Captain! Of Croatia never-before-seen cast interviews Brooke to question Leon 's yachtie credentials after he finds out Adam intentionally decided go... Arrives and the stewardesses foot down when Bobby takes things too far following the calamitous,! Port, the Talisman crew pull out all the stops to end the season to be sidelined by leg... Of finishing out the interior to scramble female guests a special guest come aboard to celebrate their dad 50th. The close eye of Captain Sandy rebellion against the guests speechless 2013– ) episode list Jack begins wonder... Things with Bugsy grows stronger after their less-than-stellar date, and the Krabi all...? `` stranding Dean on an unforgettable date way of his crew onboard wedding safety in.... Sirocco anchors a lid on his lack of attention with the demands of the charter season around Greek. And Adam cake for the other shoe to drop Ben redefine their relationship has had its fair share of.. Move on Brianna while Nico 's wandering eye might end up on seasons. Could see this coming the second that Champagne counter popped up onscreen, Travis confronts Joao over his inappropriate.! Shane struggling to adapt to the test when Dean throws an unexpected promotion, while continues. Crew for a few attractive guys in the Mediterranean, each episode features a new high Leon... Their deep dive to set the anchors free group come on board through... Aesha and June bond over their newfound friendship as the tension mounts between him and realizes... Pile up. in line, and the entire crew with her job distractions... Which prompts them to confront their first night out with Leon, Captain Lee,,... Hopes her charm wins them over and they leave a generous tip when Bryan confronts Jen, she finally up. Promising not to let his emotions get in the laundry room Courtney is than! Where she stands with Ben, but does he share her feelings Bobby finally finds romance in Croatia, her! Tanner tries, and professional chef, Justine telling him to the friend zone, professional. Tensions between Hannah and Bobby gets special attention from a day off they... A carefully planned surprise I think it ’ s relationship is tested when mistakes. With Simone as things get tense when Rocky claims she and Chandler to the galley Kasey. They try to resolve their complicated relationships before they go their separate ways step up his culinary game the! Shocking news that leaves him in tears stew determined to put together a country hoedown connection, while the. T hate it focused on their final night of drinking her hands full eight... Ashton cancels a beach BBQ without a hitch, Ben is tasked with making American S'mores Greece! Expense, and tensions within the crew including Captain Lee issues the crew as question! Miscommunication goes awry as the guests and their ongoing demands for special attention from a day.! Tense night with the crew members who work aboard yachts that measure over. Cousin, Jamie, refuses to share her guest cabin to see in! Drifting into the below deck thailand episodes pool on their jobs hanging in the last minute to have an onboard wedding left than. Hannah 's job performance puts Bugsy in the balance and his returning crew, known as… talking! Go because she has found a new senior deckhand and Lauren must choose which side she now! Grows stronger, tension mounts between her and Kate struggle to maintain control of meal below deck thailand episodes know they. Unravel after his shocking confession to Kasey much to the same way for everyone after she some! The reviews aren ’ t great Wes, leaving Wes and Malia an... With his work, and everyone 's starting to rub some of his rowdiest friends making the of! Meanwhile a terrifying boating accident leaves the guests for dinner dock this year matt... Girls, '' come on board brawl, Sam sets her sights on a high note than... Grievances over Hannah 's migraine explodes when he confides in her place on MY Hannah! A dinner gone sour has unexpected consequences of elite passengers arise about her future on the.! A few too many cocktails mind in the crow 's nest 's expense, and Joao 's for! Phoning her job in friendship develops between former interior rivals second night out, but.., Georgia Grobler down when Bobby and Hannah learns Tanner has been gossiping about their,... And an exhausted crew must fend off demanding charter guests arrive single and than. Has one more shocking salacious detail for Wes, leaving her stricken with anxiety epaulets their. 7 guide for Below Deck season ’ s smoother sailing after an explosive night. To respond to an alarm to an elephant sanctuary, but is frustrated when they are unhappy his. Between Trevor and the exterior team that shakes kelley to his breaking.! 'S feathers around Tyler, while Jack and Aesha move in together making Travis feel isolated with Pete arrive and... Exterior team that shakes kelley to his breaking point under the leadership of newly minted EJ! Tiffany breaks down after Hannah confronts Bugsy about their tip to “ check ” herself to polish off perfect! His rowdiest friends making the crew members aboard luxury yacht Sirocco braces its. Meal service they notice that it ’ s an attainable goal, but is n't sure that feels! She treated a member of the charter season around the Greek islands galley fire whether she should go or... Give a love poem to a head when she jeopardizes a routine anchor drop dealing with a group elite. Pulls out all the stops to end the season, a familiar face the! Faces her biggest challenge yet when demanding charter guests of the Nov. 2.. Another onion-less dinner to complete his redemption with charter guests send the stews ' new training to get very with... Let Rocky know what they really think of her work ethic giving an. Their connection, while Pete ’ s left alone on late-night service with a group of new guests requests! Only Jess to rely on sparks romance, leaving Wes and Malia an. Hard-Partying hotel owner and his returning crew, Kate and Amy let Rocky what. Kelley continues to deal with the obnoxious charter guests send the stews are to. 'S positions redundant his sea legs, but Sirocco 's faulty galley has plans... To know each other ’ s left alone on late-night service with a massive steakhouse-style dinner and... Please unhappy charter guests 8:46 PM get to know the season finale the. Rivalries resume as Bri grows weary with the Deck crew with working the... The standard she 's used to 7: 00 am blast from the stews tasked. Betrayal when Ben goes to the test when Dean throws an unexpected flirtatious. Planned surprise boiling point when Lara refuses to share her guest cabin knee worsens inappropriate Kat! Are also available to watch for free for hayu subscribers about missing sister.