Captain Durley assumed command of HEALY in June, 2019. Welcome to hginthesea! has a webcam. Pictures are posted every hour and can be viewed here. Units. Command Units Public Affairs Sector New Orleans. United States Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC) Healy (Healy) is the ship pictured in many of the photos and collected multibeam echosounder data while also breaking ice for Louis]. USCGC KANKAKEE (WLR-75500) MSDD FT SMITH MSDD GREENVILLE MSD VICKSBURG ANT COLFAX USCGC GREENBRIER (WLR-75501) USCGC KICKAPOO (WLR-75406) USCGC PATOKA (WLR-75408) USCGC MUSKINGUM (WLR-75402) USCGC KANAWHA (WLR-75407) Contact Information Sector Mobile. U.S. Arctic GEOTRACES ends in Dutch Harbor, Alaska October 12, 2015. ahoy! Here is a great shot from Healy as she breaks through the ice: I believe this one is in transit to Alaska: Posted by Date Taken: Monday, August 29, 2011. Here's a picture from this morning from the ship's ALOFTCON webcam: Details. Photographer aboard the uscgc healy in the arctic ocean It was only the second time that Carpenter, 23, had driven the 16.4-ton USCGC Healy, one of the U.S. military’s two working polar icebreakers. USCGC Healy Webcam The US Coast Guard Cutter Healy (the ice-breaker that I will be on in a little over two weeks - yeah!) Healy Webcam; USCGC Healy Track Map; Cruise countdown! On a brisk, sunny afternoon last August, the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Healy came to a crunching halt in 4-ft.-thick pack ice, 490 miles north of Barrow, Alaska. Healy, Alaska, USA: A list of webcams in the Region of Healy, ordered by distance (2933701). USCGC Alex Haley "The Bulldog of the Bering" A former Navy rescue and salvage ship, Alex Haley is uniquely suited for a wide array of missions in “The Final Frontier” of Alaska. These cutters are designed for open-water icebreaking and feature reinforced hulls and specially angled bows. The icebreaker USCGC Healy, pictured in 2019 during Arctic Ocean training exercises, suffered a fire disabling one engine and cancelling a scientific mission, the Coast Guard reported. MSU Morgan City MSU Baton Rouge More webcams at Diablobanquisa; Oceanographic research ship tracker ( NPEO North Pole Webcam 1 (also see NOAA Arctic Theme Page): NPEO North Pole Webcam 2 (also see NOAA Arctic Theme Page): USCGC Healy (not automatically updated): Ilulissat, Greenland: As CO, Captain Durley is responsible for the overall safety of the ship and crew, as well as the successful completion of HEALY's assigned missions. The Commanding Officer (CO) is Captain MaryEllen Durley. About the Blog. The operational polar fleet currently includes one 399-foot heavy icebreaker (Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star, commissioned in 1976) and one 420-foot medium icebreaker (Coast Guard Cutter Healy, commissioned in 2000). The USCGC Healy has been going to and fro through the Beaufort Sea to map out the seabed, but as it has sailed northward again and entered water with high sea ice concentration, I figured it was time for a follow-up to the last blog post concerning Healy. “Hg” is the chemical symbol for mercury, which is an environmental contaminant and naturally occurring metal found throughout the ocean. CGC Healy Command Commanding Officer. Image Dimensions: 3872 x 2592.

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