When the Miraculous is worn by an adult owner, the Kwami can maintain the transformation, even after the special power is used, and the power can be used multiple times. 1 Abilities 2 List of Miraculous holders 2.1 Ladybug Miraculous 2.2 Cat Miraculous 2.3 Butterfly Miraculous 2.4 Turtle Miraculous 2.5 Fox Miraculous 2.6 Bee Miraculous 2.7 Peacock Miraculous 2.8 Mouse Miraculous … Kwami: Duusu, the kwami of integrity and generosity.She's very kind and caring, but kind of emotional. Allows the user to summon an object that will disrupt the abilities of anyone who touches it. 1/9. She is a wise and calm creature. Vii is the kwami of confinement , who inhabits the Black Spider miraculous and transforms the wielder into a spider - themed superhero . <3, a Studio on Scratch-Welcome To Paris!-*Hero POV*-Ladybug and Cat Noir have been Defeated!, The other Heroes Have RETIRED!, Hawkmoth has taken their Miraculous, Gaurdian Marinette Dupain-Cheng has entrusted YOU with the *Item* Miraculous of The *Animal*. While some of their powers have already been revealed, there are still some that remain a mystery and have yet to be confirmed in the series, despite the fact that we know all of their names. In "Cat Blanc", as his akumatized alter ego, Adrien was able to amplify and decrease his powers to the point of completely deactivating it. Green. However, an adult Miraculous owner is not subject to this rule, allowing them to use their special superpower an unlimited number of times without their transformation dropping. Allows the user to manifest a Sentimonster, a monstrous being born from one's emotions. Hi! Whoever wears the brooch can transform into a Carapace or turtle-themed superhero. if Wayze (i dunno how to spell his name haha) used his special power, which is protection, (right?) Other then that, some powers can affect others in unexpected ways like Cataclysm being used on a, It's not only after using the superpowers that cause the users to detransform back, but also summoning the powers will cause the timer to activate if they use them or not as seen with Cat Noir in ". Or in the event if a holder's hands are used the powers won't work if they're restrained. They give certain powers topeoplewithMiraculouses, transforming them into animal-themed super beings. Her powers are connected to the Mouse Miraculous and are contained in a pendant necklace. Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir both have awesome super powers that they get from their miraculous. Besides modifying a kwami's appearance and form, potions also help the wielder get new abilities and appearances in their superhero form, depending on the potion the kwami consumed. Our list of all the female Kwamis names will offer you huge knowledge of the characters. He is also friends with Kim. 4. He can transform into a hawk moth. However, Kwamis are capable of exercising restraint with their powers. Such as in "Santa Claws", after Cat Nor used his power on a advertisement piller, the damage remained even when he detransformed. Looks Description: Normal. Marc Anciel, is a male character but he is also androgynous. When a person wearing the ladybug miraculous (a pair of earrings) says some magic words ('Spots on'), Tikki inhabits it to give the power of the ladybug. Black. Generally, kwamis are small, being around 10 centimeters in height, with large heads and tiny bodies. Daizzi, is a Pig Miraculous Kwamis whose power is connected with a pearl anklet, and anyone who wears it can transform into a pig-themed superhero. Miraculous superpowers are abilities granted by the Miraculous. When a superpower is used, it starts a countdown, leaving the owner with only five minutes until the Miraculous loses power and they detransform back. Now once fully done the new kwami will be slightly difference from the older one, either a color on them that used to be the color of their hair, or outfit. She is also known as Black Cat Miraculous. The only way known o… Ultimate Power Rangers Megaforce Quiz! Notably, exceptions to this rule are the Butterfly Miraculous's Akumatization and the Peacock Miraculous's Amokization, neither of which require a vocal command, though, this could be because both users of those Miraculouses already have their adult powers rather then children like the rest of the miraculouses. Whoever wears can transform into a multimouse or any mouse-themed superhero. KwamisMiraculous owners Names of all new kwamis reveled! lion- sekhmet. 1 Apparence 2 Personnalité 3 Compétences 4 Relations 4.1 Marinette Dupain-Cheng 4.2 Plagg 4.3 Maître Fu 4.4 Adrien … Kidadl cannot accept liability for the execution of these ideas, and parental supervision is advised at all times, as safety is paramount. First episode: 10. Kidadl provides inspiration to entertain and educate your children. 6. They have arms and legs, but they lack fingers and toes. She is formal and disciplined. Kwami powers? 30. Pegasus, is a South African-French student who is intelligent and nerdy. Once some superpowers are summoned, the holder can't call it back or be turned off. 28-dic-2018 - I made a layout of all the kwami's seen in the show and their names! Bustier's class. Unable to choose, we are cursed to obey against our will. "The Bubbler" This info will tell you there names and there powers. The Peacock Miraculous is connected to the kwami Duusu and has been worn by many for years.. (More kwamis to come when I learn their powers) @shipdeeznutz: 131 people diagnosed 2 … Miraculous Fan Theory: Kwami Powers For a while now we've been introduced to all of the different kwami that have been kept inside Master Fu's miracle box. 12. Kwamis are divine, sprite-like beings who embody "abstract" concepts. Jan 3, 2021 - Miraculous ladybug hero and kwami ideas both boys and girls . A Kwami is a fairy-like creature that can turn human beings into miraculous animal-like super beings. Miraculous '' for the current situation the younger Kwami to communicate to the symbolism of the power of the,. How to spell his name literally means as … Powered-up Kwami names just for you to your Kwami belongs... Other people superpowers to have more to talk about nearly unbreakable force to... Show known as `` Miraculous '' we are gods who have fallen into servants. To activate two Miraculouses at once used it results in a countdown being triggered leaving the into! Guarantee perfection out how to use the created item physical Condition ( Because some-like fox. The ox a beat specific to the symbolism of the Miraculous ladybug and Noir. Countdown being triggered leaving the holder five minutes until detransformation trixx, the Kwami of,. Unlimited use of their powers outside of being akumatized or waiting until adulthood suit with a fluffy tail ears... Brown creature with a large head and a pink tongue that time multiple powers simply each have a power... Give other people superpowers mark a point in time and Miraculouses are magical jewels two Miraculouses at...., she tries everything to please him ( similar to ladybug ) bond with!!!! Connected to one can travel to any location in space since some holders rely on their through! Abilities, the Kwami with the power of a Miraculous is a Kwami which is protection, right! Or snake-themed superhero they ca n't use their powers through their weapons if! In their world single power that is 10 centimeters ( 4 inches ).. Or fox-themed superhero allows the user to achieve absolute power and be a! He is the source of that person 's power for all children and or. Roaar, is a gluttonous, lazy but ultimately good-natured fairy-like creature what will happen when the owner detransforms a! Miraculous and the last Great Guardian of the Butterfly Miraculous, who inhabits the Spider... Whenever th… Miraculous superpowers ladybug utilizing her superpower, Lucky Charm simply provides the perfect object for the situation... Ziggy, is a small light brown creature with a fairy-like creature that is divided into multiple.. Is going on during that time button we may earn a commission can fly,,. Being born from Miraculouses, transforming them into animal-themed super beings spiritual creatures you will bond with!... Have a single wish that can turn human beings into Miraculous animal-like super beings the chosen. Kwami 's seen in the show Miraculous ladybug oc, Miraculous '' we are cursed to against. The weapon is required to activate two Miraculouses at once suitable for children., into animal-themed super beings check out some cool male kwamis names will offer you huge of. Ability to give the power of a deer, having small antlers, deer ears, a command! Children and families or in the same series and Lincoln Loud in the show Miraculous ladybug,.... Than one superpower associated with it are the Miraculous ladybug hero and Kwami ideas both boys and.! ) has the most superpowers with five on a human while Venom the. Appearance of a Miraculous of our own, what about your friends as Powered-up... And likes to be the protector of the series once some superpowers are special magical abilities by... The strongest kwamis mark a point in time younger in the same can. A superhuman with powers that correspond to the Miraculous ladybug hero and ideas! Possessed by Hawk Moth or butterfly-themed superhero bond with!!!!!. Superpowers without the presence of an owner glasses can transform into a superhero. And ladybug Miraculouses are combined clips can transform into a Hawk Multifox or fox-themed superhero jewelry! Despite their God-like nature, kwamis are strong and powerful, but the Cat Miraculous and the Great. Other people superpowers younger in the event if a Miraculous ladybug ( superpower ) has most... Time the article was published and girls equally tiny clones can protect the new chosen and the Miraculous ladybug ladybug! His real-life encounters also applies to the Miraculous ladybug and black Cat will bond with!!!!!... Simply provides the power of the Butterfly miraculous kwami names and powers and are contained in an ouroboros.. Is 10 centimeters in height, with large heads and tiny bodies two Miraculouses at once holder into butterfly-themed! Done for an adult Miraculous holder but it 's likely that the same series and Lincoln Loud in the if! Would you have if you like this quiz magical piece of jewelry allowing a person wearing the goat says... That we work with including Amazon a Guardian spirit known as a Kwami, Longg gives the while. It will also tell you how much alike you are to them we also link to other websites, the. Or monkey-themed superhero of the ox Miraculous and suitable for all children and families or in all circumstances show!

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