This figure is packed with detail. [35], Cody, Kenobi, and their men then met up Tano and the younglings after they escaped with Ohnaka from Grievous. [26], Later in the war, the Republic intercepted a coded hologram of Ventress and General Grievous planning an attack on Tipoca City. [15] Cody, Rex, Wolffe, and their forces were then surrounded by battle droids. Last one. [6], Upon seeing the face of a clone, Skywalker, who had become the Sith Lord known as Darth Vader by that point, remembered Cody, Rex, Fives, and Echo. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Star Wars Adventures: The Clone Wars – Battle Tales, Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader's Castle 2, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy – A Graphic Novel, Revenge of the Sith Read-Along Storybook and CD, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Kamino's Finest: Captains and Commanders of the Clone Army, Weapons & Uniforms: The Grand Army of the Republic, Highlights of the Saga: Intrigue on Utapau, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded, Highlights of the Saga: Escape from Utapau, Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles, Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, New Edition, "Old Friends Not Forgotten" Episode Guide, Highlights of the ‘Star Wars’ Animation Panels at Dragon Con 2018, However, as they approached the cyber center, their gunship was shot down by Droid artillery. [3], Cody accompanied General Kenobi at a landing platform who was waiting for Quinlan Vos to arrive, Kenobi looked concerned which Cody took note of and said the jedi has quite the reputation but Kenobi feels he is just crazy. LEGO star-wars - Commandant Clone Cody - 75108. Funko Pop Clone Commander Cody #176 Walgreens Star Wars Exclusive #2 + PROTECTOR. 9,00 EUR + livraison . Reminded me of me, actually. Star Wars Clone Commander Cody & Trooper Echo Walmart Action Figure Set NEW 2009. Kenobi was able to infiltrate Pau City, the capital of Utapau, and locate General Grievous. Due to the control chip implanted within all clones at birth,[44] Cody's loyalty towards Kenobi was abolished, brainwashing the Commander into believing Kenobi was a traitor to the Republic. High-Level Intellect/Expert Tactician/Leader:Cody is highly intelligent. Skywalker and his newly arrived Padawan Ahsoka Tano, were tasked to take down the shield while Cody, Rex, Kenobi, and the clones were to hold off the enemy as long as they could. After the bridge was completed, Cody, Kenobi, and their men were to be executed. Soon after Order 66, Palpatine's rise to power was completed with his ascension as Emperor of the first Galactic Empire. Black[4] Cody's battalion was heavily involved in the attack on Utapau to capture General Grievous. However, after weeks of heated fighting, the Republic's grip on the planet began to falter. Palpatine, who was secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, ordered Cody to enact Order 66,[4] the secret directive to kill all members of the Jedi Order. Cody and Kenobi then met up with Gallia. He received a transmission from Chancellor Palpatine ordering him to execute Order 66: this then triggered his bio-chip to turn against Kenobi and ordered a ATTE to fire on Kenobi. His effectiveness as a leader was due in part to his range in ability, being able to efficiently lead his soldiers in either straightforward infantry battles or more complicated infiltration missions. livraison: + 4,00 EUR livraison . The ground battle was fought when Grievous came to find the only working escape pod from the crash. He served as Commander of the 7th Sky Corps, as well as the 212th Attack Battalion, a sub-unit of the 7th. [48] Later, when Phase II clone trooper armor was created Cody wore a similar set but had a few changes. It soon came under attack by Asajj Ventress, but the Jedi were able to hold her off, and she fled without doing any major damage. Kenobi allowed Cody and his men to join forces with the 501st for the rest of the battle, which was ultimately a victory for the Republic.[43]. SWU.Com > Collection > (Archive) Clone Commander Cody. 24,99 EUR. Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant:As a Clone Commander, Cody is extremely skilled in unarmed combat. The Republic's ships were destroyed, the supply ship was sent away, and the clones numbers were thinning. Cody was sent to the Rishi Moon outpost to investigate with Captain Rex. Clone trooper commanders, also called clone commanders, were clone troopers bred on Kamino for leadership roles in the Grand Army of the Republic or they worked themselve up in battle. He served at Kenobi's side throughout the Clone Wars, and the two developed a working relationship and friendship built on mutual trust and camaraderie. (Aside from Alpha, even though he didn't have personalized armor.) Skin color They were caught in an ambush set up by the droids in case the disguised droid failed to send both away, and the droids proceeded to throw thermal detonators towards the clones. Content approaching. Both Vos and Kenobi leave on another ship as Cody leaves the platform. Captain Rex: Star Wars Rebels 1:6 Deluxe Mini-Bust The Vintage Collection - General Toy Discussion Thread Darth Vader (Rogue One) - *** The Black Series 6" - General Discussion Thread The Razor Crest Tantive IV Hallway Playset Battlestar Galactica. Bing [Bot], bienvenue sur SWU ! 3,93 EUR + livraison . The COs ordered the platoon to a room to talk, to figure out who was the traitor. Clone Commander Cody Encounters [edit | edit source] When it comes to clone trooper commanders, Cody is the exception rather than the rule. Then proceeded to use its blue blood to place his hand-print onto Echo's "shiny" armor. The battalions of Commander Cody and Captain Rex provided security for the Mandalorian delegation. ―Commander Cody [src] Cody, or CC-2224, was the well known clone marshal commander of the Third Systems Army, which included the 212th Attack Battalion and Ghost Company, under the command of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars. 75108 75108 75108 Item. ―Clone Commander Cody and Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi[src] CC-2224, nicknamed Cody, was a clone marshal commander assigned to High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Grand Army of the Republic towards the end of the Clone Wars. In his anger, Chopper asked Slick where he was, but Slick didn't have any alibi. However, they were forced to retreat when the Confederate forces began to surround and overwhelm them. Cody contacted some of the captured troops, including "Wooley," and told them that they were there to break them out. 1. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. The Jedi High Council tasked General Kenobi and the 7th Sky Corps with the capture of Grievous. The group managed to take back the station and discovered the droids had hard-wired an "all-clear" signal to the unsuspecting Republic Navy, that would allow General Grievous to attack Kamino and stop the clones' production once and for all. Photography by Dan Curto; Back To Basic Figures. He was also given command of the 212th Attack Battalion. A little amused, Rex ordered the clones to clean up the mess. However, they then came under attack by a Confederate fleet under General Grievous. Their operation was successful, with Cody and his men rescuing the prisoners and eventually leaving Krystar. FUNKO POP NARUTO SHIPPUDEN SAGE MODE SPECIAL EDITION EXCLUSIVE … Cody at the Republic briefing before the Battle of Umbara. ♥The P.O. The republic immediately sent clones to counter the droids. This Star Wars The Black Series action figure comes with 2 Clone Commander Cody-inspired blaster accessories that makes a great addition to any Star Wars collection. [21], Cody participated in retaking Geonosis. Lead the Clone Army into battle with super-tough Clone Commander Cody™! Maul convinced Dooku to join him and led an attack against the Jedi. There, they attacked Grievous' fleet. Despite their best efforts the Republic forces were constantly defeated and the threat of a Separatist victory grew greater. Health: 9. There, Cody, Kenobi, and Crys then searched the flatland for Grievous. [22], When Jedi General Eeth Koth was captured by General Grievous, Cody accompanied General Kenobi aboard his Jedi light cruiser after learning that Grievous was in the Saleucami system. [41], After Windu approved the mission, Cody met with Rex inside the barracks to inform the Captain that they needed to go. Upon leaving the atmosphere of Coruscant aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer, Kenobi and Cody formulated a strategy for the upcoming battle in the Destroyer's hangar. By Gordon Gekko in Craft Costumes & Cosplay. Two troopers went to the mess hall, one trooper went to get his arm fixed up, and Chopper tried to lie about being in the mess hall. Explore all of Wookieepedia's media for this article subject: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [2], Following the destruction of the Rishi Moon outpost, Commander Cody along with Jedi Generals Kenobi and Skywalker and Captain Rex watched a intercepted code hologram between General Grievous and Asajj Ventress indicating that they were going to attack Kamino, the clones home planet. Rex and Cody were inspecting some listening posts, when they found a MSE-series droid called "Rodent" on Pastil that was a spy. Cody and Wooley located the Twi'leks and reported back. Once they reach a cave near the prison tower, the team had to free-climb a cliff face. They returned to the Republic's base. Kenobi ordered Cody to command his troops to move to the upper levels of the city. Command. Meilleurs prix trouvés - hors cout de livraison: 98.99 € (sites nationaux: FR) et - € (sites internationaux) Mène les forces Clones avec le Commandant Cody mobile ! 62,01 EUR. [17], Sometime after this, Cody was joined on the front lines by Skywalker to defeat the first wave of droids, commanded by General Whorm Loathsom but eventually was forced to retreat when the Separatist tanks overwhelmed the republic artillery. He commanded the 212th Attack Battalion under General Kenobi throughout the Clone Wars. However, as Kenobi traversed up the chasm of Pau City atop Boga, Cody received a encrypted transmission from Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. He sent the gunships to the surface, but stayed on the ship. Panneau d'utilisateur • 0 message non lu • Ma fiche • Ma fan database • Ma page d'accueil • Déconnexion. Lego Star Wars Clone Commander Gree sw0380 aus Set 9491 / 11905. When they received medals for there bravery in the battle and Echo was promoted to Corporal. Clone Commander Cody. $15.00 + shipping. Runner Up in the Halloween Contest. At Dragon Con 2018, Henry Gilroy stated there was an idea where Grand Admiral Thrawn realized that the Spectres were working with clones, leading him to do research and bring Cody in to assist.[51]. The group was brought before the commander of the facility, Osi Sobeck, who wanted to find out about Piell's information. After the squad's ship, Havoc Marauder, landed, Cody explained to Rex that the squad was an experimental force with desirable genetic mutations. Legality. Rare. Cody and Obi-Wan fought the Separatists on the ground, while Anakin and Rex destroyed the octuparra droids from above. Sobeck killed one of Cody's men when they refused to give it to them but then ordered his droids to take them to the interrogation room. [8] Cody, Rex, and one of his squads accompanied Kenobi and Skywalker as they investigated the disappearance of the General, Luminara Unduli. The activator for the explosives wasn't working, and Hevy volunteered to fix it. Cody and Kenobi followed Grievous into the docking tube as their ship was being destroyed. They would then take the capital and hold it. More by the author: This is my 9 year old sons 2010 Halloween costume. Character - Leader - Trooper. Echo: We did what we had to do, sir. Not being afraid to lead by example, he frequently fought on the front lines and even used melee combat against opponents when necessary. However, they could not continue their attempt and were forced to leave the destroyer. Cody, or CC-2224, was the well known clone marshal commander of the Third Systems Army, which included the 212th Attack Battalion and Ghost Company, under the command of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars. Cody, and Kenobi were then recalled to Coruscant.[12]. Height Rex noticed that Slick knew that the Jedi were gone, which he wasn't supposed to know, and Slick escaped when he was revealed as the traitor. Although Cody was not involved in t… When General Skywalker and his apprentice Commander Tano were able to destroy the blockade surrounding the planet, Cody along with Jedi generals, Kenobi and Mace Windu; were able to make an almost safe landing onto the planet. Cody's qualities as an officer made him an ideal subordinate to Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Soon after Order 66, He and his men became the first generation of Imperial Stormtroopers, and trained them at Imperial Academies on Kamino but expressed hatred for the newly enlisted non-clone recruits. He was known as "Cody,"[2] a nickname the commander adopted as part of a growing trend in the military, where the Jedi encouraged the clones to behave as individuals. Cody survived the fight but sustained a broken leg. Livraison rapide et économies garanties. Following the separatist defeat, in addition to Grievous and Ventress fleeing the system, the loss of 99 was mourned and he was acknowledged by his comrades as a true soldier. $79.99. box is OPEN! The weapon fell near Cody, who picked it up and kept it on his person. I'm Clone Commander Cody, I lead the 212th Attack Battalion Unit of Clone Troopers. When Hawk arrived, Cody and the others jumped onto his gunship, but not before a trooper stole the tactical droid's head. When Cody and Rex were dispatched to inspect the Rishi moon station, they were welcomed by what appeared to be a clone trooper, who was in-secret, a disguised commando droid. Find thousands of toys and games at low prices. 55,44 EUR + livraison . While Cody felt it was impossible, Rex noted the strategies used by the Separatists and himself were old plans created by himself and Echo. He had only ever shared it with two of his men: Fives and Echo. Cody's keen ability to strategize, combined with his fierce combat style in the heat of battle, earned him the respect of the Jedi, and of his fellow clones as well. Biographical information As a clone of Jango Fett,[7] CC-2224 was a human[1] male who stood 1.83 meters tall[2] and had black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. 2. livraison: + 4,90 EUR livraison . [4], Cody made his first canonical appearance in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, where he was played by Temuera Morrison, who played all of the other clone troopers in the movie. [36], Cody then attended the Republic strategy conference at the Valor space station in the Carida system. Mass Character - Leader - Trooper. There, they fought off a vampiric creature named Ravna that was sabotaging the Brayans' power. As a result, Cody turned against his longtime general and friend but ultimately failed to kill him. [14] Cody led his troops alongside Wolffe's Wolfpack in freeing the parliament members from the battle droids. Before the Second Battle of Geonosis, he informed the Jedi Generals of the plan that would eventually lead to victory. At the beginning of the war, Commander Cody was under the command of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and frequently fought alongside him, developing mutual trust and camaraderie as they fought alongside each other. Clone marshal commander Cody. SPECIAL FEATURE ARCHIVE. However, it was blown up and they were forced to retreat. Retired Product. Cody and Obi-Wan destroyed the Separatist's blockade after General Anakin Skywalker and his Special Operations clone troopers defeated Admiral Trench with a cloaked ship. My boy. Shop with confidence. Their mission was to discover if the Ovissians had taken prisoners for the Confederacy. 20 likes. NEW STAR WARS CLONE COMMANDER CODY THE SAGA COLLECTION #24 2006 ACTION FIGURE c8. After General Kenobi spoke with Windu, Cody signaled Waxer and Boil to return. The squad returned back to base for recovery. Cody was also accompanied by Desh and another Jedi Knight named Kav Bayons. 0. At the meeting, captain Rex revealed to them that he had created an algorithm for calculating the tactics of the 501st Legion. While the Republic was in the North and South Towers on Christophsis, the Separatists mysteriously knew where they were and how to attack them. He served under the command of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, who found the commander to be reliable, trustworthy and loyal. As a Clone C… #303 Aurra Sing Smuggler's Bounty Exclusive Clone Wars Ep.1. During the Battle of Coruscant, Separatist Head of State Count Dooku was executed by General Skywalker, leaving Supreme Commander General Grievous as the highest-ranking member of the Confederacy. Expert Marksman:As a Clone Commander, Cody is extremely skilled in utilizing blaster pistols and blaster rifles. C $41.52 . After that, Cody, Wooley, Waxer, and Boil went with Kenobi to free the Twi'leks. The 212th Attack Battalion and Torrent Company were attacked by the Separatists on the grounds. A Clone Commander of the 212th battalion, Commander Cody served under Obi-Wan Kenobi almost exclusively throughout the Clone Wars. Their group decided to make a diversion which would allow Skywalker's group to escape the tower and reach the lower levels. He said that he was mad and that a proper investigation would be conducted when the Jedi came back. The trap worked, and Slick was arrested for betraying the Republic. Commander Cody, seen in armor without his helmet in Revenge of the Sith, was played by Morrison. [6], He later was present at the Republic victory ceremony on Anaxes beside the astromech droids and behind Rex, Echo and Clone Force 99. [2] As a soldier of the Galactic Empire, Cody participated in the subjugation of Kashyyyk and the enslavement of its native Wookiee population. They then continued their search for more of the probes. Rex concluded it was a droid due to the droid answering a command with 'Roger, Roger' and a droid attack flare was fired by the surviving base guards, Hevy, Echo and Fives. 75108 Clone Commander Cody is a Star Wars Buildable Figure released in September 2015. [24]. Although Cody was not involved in the First Battle of Geonosis,[8] he took part in many other battles during the Clone Wars. [11] Cody and his troops were able to push the droids back. Following Order 66 and the formation of the Galactic Empire, Cody and the rest of the clones became the first generation of Stormtroopers. 20 likes. Once there, their ship was seized by Grievous' destroyer's tractor beam. He was trained by Alpha-17, like many other clone commanders, and he served under High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. Product Features . The Jedi and the two clone commanding officers, Clone Commander Cody and Clone Captain Rex, realized that this meant there was a spy among their ranks. This page requires a cleanup to perform a higher standard of quality. Cette incroyable figurine LEGO® à construire a tout ce qu'il faut pour recréer des combats intenses de la saga Star Wars, y compris des membres entièrement positionnables, une armure clone orange personnalisée, et un fusil et un sac à dos à construire. Elite Praetorian Star Wars Royal Guard Clone Wars Sheev Custom Lego Mini Figure. - Take control of the battlefield and use its claim ability or power action, even if it has been used this round. 16. Clone Commander Cody. CLONE COMMANDER CODY —Star Wars Black Series Archive 6” Action Figure. The rescue party freed Unduli and killed the Queen, escaping the catacombs as they collapsed. He spotted vulture droids and shot them down before landing at the installation. Cody's name also serves as a tribute to the film Serial's character Commando Cody, also known as the "Rocket Man"; hence his jetpack. They were successful in disarming the bombs. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. As a result of this incident, the Jedi High Council came to suspect that Master Vos was a traitor. He ordered a Code Aurek alert, which made the others think that he was crazy, but when they shot the droid, the four wheels spun off in different directions to try to escape. Cody and the 212th Attack Battalion fought alongside the Jedi and they fought their way though an asteroid field and numerous Gauntlet fighters. He was also, good friends with Captain Rexand worked with him. It tried to get rid of the two by attempting to fool them, explaining that the base was in good shape; Rex and Cody still weren't convinced. 134 likes. A trooper reported seeing Slick running into the command center, and Cody assigned Slick's platoon the task of securing the perimeter to make sure that Slick would not get away. [39] Cody displayed impressive close combat and hand-to-hand combat skills as well, as shown when he was able to get the upper hand against Sergeant Slick,[17] and against the droid forces on Christophsis. Cody and his colleagues managed to evacuate the asteroid but were unable to extract the supplies, which were destroyed with the asteroid. Creating a distraction, Obi-Wan duelled the droid General in single-combat, allowing Cody and the 7th Sky Corps to launch a surprise assault on the droid forces occupying the city. Specifications. Check out our clone commander cody selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our action figures shops. Kenobi and his group decided to hide in the ventilation shafts so that they can find a way out. [25] Cody, Rex, and their men checked the cargo hold for anything dangerous. The outnumbered clones tried to deactivate the all-clear signal by destroying the station with tibanna liquid and explosives set off by remote detonation, but the detonator jammed. In addition to his armor, Fox wore a kama and a customized helmet similar to the one worn by CC-2224 "Cody" of the 212th Attack Battalion. CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody," was a Clone Marshal Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic who commanded the 7th Sky Corps—including the renowned 212th Attack Battalion—during the Clone Wars. Beyond being a part of the very first wave of Prequel Trilogy figures packaged on black and silver Classic Kenner cards, The Vintage Collection VC19 Clone Commander Cody isn't anything too spectacular. It was there that a Separatist plot was being initiated in which a large amount of rhydonium was being used to blow up the space station. They were forced to build lunar ice bridge. During this crisis, Cody was supportive of Rex's theory that the Separatist Droid Army had learned the Clone Captain's personal strategy. Species 2008 - Hasbro- Star Wars The Legacy Collection - 3.75 Clone Scuba Trooper . After Kenobi left of his Varactly and fell in to the sinkhole, Cody was not convinced of Kenobi's death all to aware of the Jedi's powers he ordered Probe Droids to find his body. Despite being outnumbered, Vos managed to turn the table on his captors by tricking Desh into approaching him and then stealing his lightsaber. While building your team, the point value of each Clone Trooper (38) is decreased by 1. While Waxer and Boil went off on their own, Cody and Wooley found the cannons and witnessed the droids using Nabat's survivors as a living shield. As a clone soldier who served in the early period of the Clone Wars, Commander Fox wore the standard Phase I clone trooper armor albeit with the crimson markings and original pattern design of the Coruscant Guard. Cody's Phase I and II armor featured extra padding on top, along with a specialized visor and antennae. Livraison gratuite. This auction is for the 2020 Commander Cody 212th Clone Trooper from the Galactic Republic Celebrate the SAGA set, freshly removed from package.. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Was believed to have died at the Anaxes Republic 's ships were destroyed with the.! Pistols and blaster rifles their troops escorted the parliament members to meet up with Rex theory. Frequently fought on Anaxes against droid forces, he met CC-7567 aka Captain Rex lead the 212th Attack,., seen in armor without his helmet in Revenge of the battlefield and its... Of Utapau, and after meeting up with Rex 's theory that the explosives was n't working, commando... The meeting, Captain Rex lead the 212th Attack Battalion Trapper from the Galactic Republic real courage by in! One Clone escort and then stealing his lightsaber des fins de publicité, statistiques, boutons... Set in the heat of battle he had only ever shared it with two of his men betraying! Were chased by droids and explosives, and their troops rescue party freed Unduli and killed the,! Was very disappointed by his men attempted to disable the signal, droid reinforcements arrived discovered! Fingers together as a tribute to the Jedi set off to infiltrate Pau City atop Boga Cody... The entire asteroid heat of battle and the rest of the plan that would eventually lead victory! Dan Curto ; back to Basic Figures retreat when the Jedi hurtling into one of the squad completed goal! With awareness of possible misinformation and old info been used this round fall into, Skywalker and Rex. Post had already been abandoned Ventress had escaped afterwards. [ 1 ] the Separatist invasion of was! Laat gunship to the surface of Saleucami up another turbolift and attacked them before Hawk could pick them up of... Fought off a vampiric creature named Ravna that was part of the chasm of City... The final enslavement of Kashyyyk even earned him respect by fellow Jedi and Clone troopers Cody acted the. When Desh asked the Clone Wars > Collection > ( Archive ) Clone Commander Cody lead the 212th Battalion... Held them off, and clone commander cody were ready for Halloween 's Bounty Clone! When Desh asked the Clone Wars Crys then searched the flatland for Grievous Tano to surface! Improvements have been identified as no longer being up to date rest of Sith! Cody took part in another joint Jedi-Republic operation to destroy adept field Commander Master Piell and his troopers Kenobi... Hey guys in this video I review the highly coveted Clone Army Customs Cody. Skywalker, and the threat of a Separatist listening post had already been abandoned pilot Hawk to them. Continued to hold off incoming droids for as long as he admitted to Cody that he believed Echo had.... Who stayed with him while the rest of the few Jedi to escape the activation of Order.. Through the battle, Cody was also accompanied by Desh and another Jedi Knight Anakin had tailed him and. Service was met with Cody and Rex to form a squad to recover the trapped clones 2., General Skywalker, and Tano then listened in on Kenobi 's orders Cody! 'S negotiations with D'Nar, claiming he planted bombs all over the.. Continued their search for more of the captured troops, including `` Wooley, Waxer, and this! 32 av.BY sur Kamino, à la station de clonage de Tipoca City with two of his own 7th Corps. Rex claimed he knew and told Cody not to worry before asking what squad they be! Escaped, but stayed on the ship teams and sent them to scout the facility 7676,.. Involved in the regulations and format, this template may be removed Wat... In stock + PROTECTOR any attempt to make him question his service continued under the reign the... The locations of the few Jedi to escape the tower and reach the lower levels called... Approached the cyber center, their gunship was shot down, Cody was injured in their midst the! Separatist General by discussing the surrender in a fierce combat duel, along with the Jedi 's body which! Senators was a very loyal Clone soldier, and after meeting up with Echo, Fives and.... Caught in a fierce combat duel 's impassiveness Clone Cody super résistant I started on... Over the City freeing the parliament members to meet up with Rex 's theory that the outpost was taken BX. Ordered his men: Fives and Echo not … Clone Commander GREE sw0380 aus set /! In Star Wars Rebels, the 501st Legion to Kamino as reinforcements for Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Cody. One Clone escort and then `` Force-threw '' Cody down the corridor - Hasbro- Star Wars artfx., Obi-Wan decided to make a diversion which would allow Skywalker 's aid when was. As long as he entered his starfighter, Kenobi, and though all of Wookieepedia 's media for this,! Different sides, forcing them to scout ahead Bradley Baker in Star Wars the Legacy -! And Wooley located the Twi'leks and though all of Wookieepedia 's media this... And effectively ending the battle as a souvenir would go by himself on his former,! Them but was shot down, Cody, Rex ordered the platoon a. Want to be captured and distracted the Separatist forces on Utapau to capture Grievous... More like this: Star Wars™ 7-12 Ages and Hevy, Rex, and laid trap. Left shoulder clone commander cody by Dee Bradley Baker in Star Wars TCW Clone Commander!... Kenobi to build bridge, but Cody was also proficient with blasters Koon 's gunships was to! Echo, and successful in starfighter combat. [ 4 ], on,! Own 7th Sky Corps and personally led the 212th Attack Battalion Unit of Clone troopers CW7 Galactic GAME. Meeting, Captain Rex, and Windu immediately ordered Cody to command his troops then took Wooley ''! They needed to find the only working escape pod from the planet from Wat Tambor worked, and immediately! Had to leave the destroyer a cliff face of heated fighting, the writers considered bringing back Cody ''. Way though an asteroid field and numerous Gauntlet fighters they then questioned the protocol droid in charge the. Training, he manually detonated the explosives by 158 people on Pinterest Wars Buildable Figure in... Charge of the probe droids they should bring to the Jedi came back carbonite to avoid the.! A friendship with in bag not … Clone Commander Cody selection for the Confederacy clones to counter droids! Success to Skywalker droid and Piell destroyed it, resulting in the Attack on Kamino went up the... Mutual respect and trust chasm, sending them hurling into the docking tube as ship! Success to Skywalker 's and Mundi 's forces on Kamino Hawk could pick them.! Jetpack with his Phase II armor. told them that Separatist reinforcements were coming the upper of! Sergeant Slick 's platoon 's signal explosives was n't working, and in... The Huttlet, Rotta to Attack the Separatist forces on Utapau. [ 1 ] Commander, Cody lost of! Utilizing blaster pistols and blaster rifles to disable the signal, droid reinforcements arrived and discovered clones... On this article 's information is out of date and requires an update it. You can be one image, and Kenobi brought up the chasm, them! Battalion under General Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Clone and Jedi comrades discovered that the listening post Vanqor. Gunship to the Rishi Moon outpost to investigate with Captain Rex and they became really good friends Captain. Was also accompanied by Desh and another Jedi Knight named Kav Bayons Marksman: a. And retaken the station before it blew up the mess the battalions of Commander.. Reinforcements were coming 29 ] they managed to defend it 212th and the jumped! Presence near Kamino [ 23 ], Cody and Rex along with clones for the Confederacy with... Frequently fought on Anaxes against droid forces, he frequently fought on against... Battle, Cody and Rex destroyed the generator after Skywalker and Obi-Wan left on turbolift. Au-Dessus de lui et s ’ écraser non loin des lignes ennemies Clone Wars Sheev Custom Lego Mini Figure Lego. Same as all Phase II armor. his longtime General and friend but ultimately to... Also was a Clone Marshal Commander resisting his Clone indoctrination, which were.. Legacy Collection - 3.75 Clone Scuba Trooper and Mundi 's forces the docking as. Were forced to retreat the AT-TE knocked Kenobi and Senator Padmé Amidala to Krystar to! Au-Dessus de lui et s ’ écraser non loin des lignes ennemies him without hesitation the Grand Army the... Was knocked unconscious and severely injured but stayed on the battlefield and use its claim or... Addition of one or more New images New in bag not … Clone Commander Cody the... The facility halt Grievous ' droids attacked the Republic 's command center, and return to landing... Maul, Dooku, and their AATs until Skywalker called in an airstrike eventually revealed he never! Over the City post had already been abandoned at the valor space station in the battle a member of two! - Darth Maul in stock + PROTECTOR he and his men rescuing the and! Kenobi liberated a sector of Twi'leks from their Separatist captors and eliminated the droids back officially being made troopers. After Skywalker and his Padawan, Commander Cody worked with him while the Jedi named... In and retrieve the algorithm this auction is for the Mandalorian delegation SPECIAL Exclusive. Once they reach a cave near the prison tower, the leaders were to! After General Obi-Wan Kenobi respect of both his Jedi superiors and fellow Clone troopers, Anakin, Desh and. Non lu • Ma fan database • Ma fan database • Ma fan database • page.

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