Even a surface level attack pretty much guarantee human extinction let alone threaten. Lord Boros from one punch man vs Naruto and sasuke in boruto Anime and Manga - Naruto This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. But now that Garou has basically become the perfect monster, it is hard to tell who would win, it would've been one hell of a battle. Of course, this is just what people would think in-universe and not what really happened. Faster than Naruto has even displayed. - Naruto is better than Boros in all of this. If Boros did not use all his energy for Collapsing Star, he would have healed from even Saitama's Serious Punch. That is indeed a common problem with superheroes, as in most of them shouldn't work as the coefficient of friction is not sufficient. Boros can't killed Kaguya is immortal and haxout. Bleach i really agree,those shinigamis are way beyond my mind. And if boros nervous system works like ours,then someone who could win against its sasuke with genjutsu,NOT NARUTO. Actually, thinking about it, combine physical stats of all named characters in Naruto Shippuden, Boros still solo stomps. @revold: he IS god level threat that much is undeniable. Thats literally the entire reason i said kaguya is the only one who stands a chance. @darthspider42: That's a way to look at it. Naruto Uzumaki (Part II) [Six Paths Sage Mode] vs Ryūko Matoi (Senketsu Kisaragi) Rules: Speed Equalized Both start 10,000 kilometers away from each other Naruto: 8 (Shadyboi0, TheKillerYT, Youtd, Mariogoods, ThisThingisReallyBroken, Ican'tthinkof1goodname, BlastX, LightReinh12345) Ryūko: Incon: Saitama's Serious Punch easily destroyed Collapsing Star, that could destroy a star. I will literally CaV anyone here on ALL OF OPM vs Naruto and I'll restrict Naruto to only physicals as well just to prove how much of a mismatch it is in his favour, Its funny that people think any naruto character besides kaguya could even hope of going against a star buster. Orochi. Correct! And sorry,using just feats,not phrases or dialogues. Shadow clone + tsb might do the trick. He can react to a light speed attack, that's it. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Boros 4 Kaguya 5 Intermission 6 Pre-Battle 7 Death Battle! Naruto still takes this for now because of the DC difference. But don t forget that saitama with A PUNCH,opened a hole through different dimensions(physical and spiritual)in the new chapter 100. Boros even reacted to Saitama so many times. This is implied by nobody being aware of Boros' existence except Saitama and Genos so they he wouldn't get a level, and even though Garou is as powerful as Boros, none of the other Heroes would have considered him at near God level since some saw a B class Saitama fighting him, so Garou would most likely be considered High Dragon due to beating Golden Sperm and other S-Classes, but possibly being weakened and taken out by a B class hero. Naruto=Almost dying by the miss of chakra,could destroy a continent, Boros=Could destroy multiple continents(these guy has annihilated a lotnof civilizations). I also only said Base Mewtwo. Hax, Stamina, Range, Tactics, Senses, various techniques and general strength. I took it as ONE saying that Boros and Garou aren't true God level threats because they couldn't threaten him. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Whether you think it's surface level, planet level or star level, he IS god level threat that much is undeniable, which only needs to threaten human extinction. And boros would never got hit by the truth seeking orbs. Last month i saw A LOT of people saying naruto could defeat jin mori in a bloodlusted battle,LUL. Next. Wow, 5 years of Naruto stomping?? Boros vs naruto is debatable, with a slight majority of viners leaning towards boros. All Jigen did was send Boro after a sealed Naruto Jigen ALSO knows that even if Sasuke tries to come back and save Naruto, hes heavily wounded and fatigued AT BEST Jigen merely thinks Boro > a dead on his feet Sasuke Thats it

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